Google mobile search adds support for geolocation on Windows Phone Mango

It appears Google has recently turned on the geolocation feature at its mobile search site for Windows Phone Mango users. Previously this feature was not shown to Windows Phone users but now Mango-ers will be able to search Google local business listings without having to type their current location.

Adopting the drafted W3C Geolocation API specifications, Internet Explorer 9 recently introduced support for this to support a common Javascript API to access the location of users using cellular, WiFi and/or GPS triangulation. This feature has now been extended to WP7.5 with Mobile IE9. Both iPhone and Android both introduced browser geolocation support for at least a year now.

Browser geolocation on Mango appears to work relatively fast, most definitely taking advantage of Microsoft’s Orion geolocation database which powers Windows Phone’s fantastic location API (and soon Windows 8).

As I have much better luck with local listings on Google than Bing, the mobile search page just earned a spot on my Start screen as a tile.

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  1. There really should be a Windows Mango Phone Taskforce website that works similar to this site formula86 mentioned: (they commented about it in the previous blog post).

  2. Google does not look like that on my Windows Phone why not? it still looks like it did on my old s60 nokia…

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