Flik makes network chat and sharing sexy on Windows

Knowing how difficult working with WPF can be, it’s easy to appreciate a good app when you see one. “Flik” is a new Windows-exclusive application that aims to make local network chatting and file sharing as simple as yet ironically, the web.

You’ll be hard pressed to find an app easier to set up and use. There’s basically no configuration. Install it on at least two computers in the same Windows network and voila, the computers magically shows up for instant interaction. It’s like the modern version of NET SEND with the ability to transfer files, which are compressed before being directly transferred, a nice touch.

I know from my own development experience the simplest user experience often takes the most effort. The fact this app “just works” is a notable accomplishment in itself. Although I personally don’t have a need for this, the looks alone made it worth checking out. The app is $9.95 after a 10-day trial.

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  1. Haha, I can’t believe the timing of this post.
    This week I was given the task of finding a LAN messenger to use at the school I work at (they’re too cheap to go for Lync), and I was getting rather frustrated at the lack of any ones with a decent UIX.
    Thank you Long šŸ˜€

    Now to enquire about site licenses…

  2. I actually started to write something similar to this. Partially because our office could benifit from it, and partially because I had a slow afternoon. Guess I have no need to finish it now.

  3. Null pointer assignment without moonsand. Copyight Ā© 1993 RTM Loader project. Thats all I have to say on this blog post! šŸ˜›

  4. If this works over Wi-Fi too (no reason why it shouldn’t), can be a great equivalent to Lion’s AirDrop.

    1. As long as you’re on the same WiFi network – like, say at home, in an office or at a coffee shop – Flik will notice the other users and allow you to send files & chat with them.

      1. Only thing is I would never pay for the app (no offense it’s great) because I am comfortable with Windows file sharing and LAN messaging.

      2. xpclient – Thanks for the compliments on Flik. We realize the software isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine, as we know there’s a need for dead simple network chat & file sharing. That’s the gap we’re trying to fill with Flik.

      3. Also, Flik actually does use a standard installer, called ClickOnce. This allows us to publish from Visual Studio direct to a web server, which makes software updates and deployment really easy.

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