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  1. Bet you any money it is due to Australia’s laws on contests. I doubt Microsoft does not want your apps. Maybe they will do a local contest soon enough.

  2. Loving the comic, not loving the fact that MetroTwit won’t be able to be entered into this comp (unless you hire someone whose sole purpose on the team is to the ability to enter this comp)

  3. It could be worse…. you could be in South Africa. Not only do we have the same issues, we have even more issues: no WP7 marketplace until Mango, still almost impossible to get the phone, 8 years to get Xbox live!

    But atleast we have a good rugby team 🙂

  4. That’s ok Long, they don’t even have a C# and XAML enabled version of Blend yet for WinRT dev, so wait until they are serious.

    Fucking love the comic though!

  5. I don’t care. After the wpf/silverlight debacle, I’m not wasting another minute of my life learning new Microsoft tech.

    It’s going to flop, and in a few years we will all be encouraged to learn C+++ on Win64 or some other shlock.

    1. Did you even read the article/comic? This has nothing to do with the new coding language, this is about the fact that Australia can’t enter the competition which means Long and his friends can’t get MetroTwit to be one of the first apps in the store, afaik only a limited number of apps will be avaible in the beta release of Windows 8 and then the store will open fully to all developers at the end of the Beta cycle (aka Public Release)

    2. Because, it’s not like the C# & XAML part of WinRT is basically EXACTLY the same as Silverlight. Totally have to learn a brand new language now for those few additional integration libraries Microsoft kindly chucked in to make “Silverlight” even more useful 😛

    3. I did read the comic and understand the point. I am personally of the opinion that WinRT will be mildly successful at best, so its a blessing in disguise we can’t enter from Australia. I made the same call when WP7 came out, I could have dived in and utilised my Silverlight/WPF skillset and built some apps, but instead I pursued some diverse programming interests, and time has shown that I made the right decision.

      As pointed out above, there is no blend for xaml, so entering this contest will be a crappy experience for xaml developers.

  6. This geoblocking crap is getting ridiculous! Probably only available in India because half of their own employees would be ineligible.

  7. I am staunchly against country discrimination (which I think this situation is) and I feel this pain as well, I live in the UK and it really grinds my gears when something of Microsoft’s isn’t available in the UK, although it is a slight bit of consolation when other major countries like Australia can’t have it as well meaning the UK isn’t alone in that situation. Hopefully, future Microsoft contests will be more widely available.

  8. There’s a reason why Australia isn’t connected to a mainland: We don’t want your crappy Windows 8 apps.

  9. Actually most of Europe is excluded as well, which makes no sense whatsoever. Not everyone lives in Germany or France.

    So it isn’t just you (and Aussie).

  10. I think more about the kangaroos. You should have killed them. The UK guys also have strange animals.
    I’m from France. If you give me your app, I will register it. We’ll share the revenue 50/50 😀

  11. Better call the waaaahmbulance.

    This happens with every competition, contestants are only eligible within certain countries. This time yours happened to be not among them. Deal with it.

  12. Finally this problem is brought to the surface in good old comic fashion. It sucks that Australian’s can’t enter these competitions.

  13. Poor Long…

    Microsoft should create the following: “where are my comps” “where are my zune features” “where are my bing features” with reasons for the hold up.

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