Win one of two Microsoft Touch Mouse & Microsoft LifeCam Studio

There’s nothing better to kick off a new year with some great hardware freebies from Microsoft Australia.

In collaboration with several tech sites including this one, they are running a promotion to give away 2 (two) Microsoft Touch wireless mouse. And because I’m so nice and generous, they’re also throwing in an extra Microsoft LifeCam Studio HD webcam as a bonus. Both of which are state-of-the-art peripherals from Microsoft Hardware.

To win, play the embedded “Chornobot” game below to solve puzzles in record time. The three highest scores on this site’s leaderboard by the end of January 31, 2012 will win. The first and second prize being the Touch Mouse and third prize, the LifeCam Studio. Although everyone is invited to play, only players with Australian mailing addresses are eligible to win.

With 28 levels to complete, some of which are quite complex, I’m sure there’s a challenge even for the Starcraft players among us.

Update: The only way you can submit a high-score is to lose all your lives. Don’t worry though, your progress is always saved and you can replay any of the levels at any time.

Update 2 (2/02): Thanks to everyone who participated. Will get in touch with the winners soon to claim their prize.

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  1. I don’t mean to be rude Long, but, I understand you are posting about Microsoft Australia based competitions because you live in Australia, but is there any chance you also post about Microsoft United States competitions or Microsoft United Kingdom based competitions as well, please?

  2. I equally have the problem of not being able to submit my high score. It’s 8,855,407 at the moment as my highest score – but there was no way to submit once I’d finished the last level!
    If I go into the game again, it still remembers that score as the ‘Your High Score’ but there wasn’t a way to resubmit.

  3. Hi, sorry to seem off-topic, so please don’t dismiss this as spam, but:

    Will istartedsomething by joining the list of websites that are going on strike against SOPA? (

    (I hope not as I really enjoy reading your blog posts!)

  4. They really really really need to fix scrolling with the touch mouse. Not even close to the response of a wheel, very annoying. Other than that it is awesome. Mostly for ability to swipe to left to half a screen when using multiple screens to avoid moving the window to the other screen.

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