Behind the Microsoft CES 2012 video wall

Like Moore’s law, there should also be a law that determines the rate at which display screens at trade shows grow. For it’s last year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft flaunted a video wall at its booth that stretched a respectable 70 feet (21 meters) long.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to power such a system, you’re in luck. The folks behind it – Mind Opera, PBJS and Run Studios shared some behind-the-scenes stats along with a nice video of their work for both the exhibition pavilion and the keynote backdrop.

Video Wall in the Microsoft Pavilion

Two Windows 7 server systems running the latest version of WATCHOUT. The main system and backup run 63 – 47″ lcd screens in a 7 channel configuration resulted in a 70 x 5’8″ animated looping wall.

Microsoft Keynote

The 90 minute keynote utilized looping animated backgrounds, scenic background images, and a metro animation that we built to seamlessly tie the visuals together.

4 insightful thoughts

  1. All audio work was done at Microsoft Production Studios. This included original music, sound design, mix, and technology development to move the sound effects across the seven zones to follow the video movements.

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