Marco Tempest augments magic trick with Kinect

Technoillusionist Marco Tempest, best known for his “iPod Magic“, wowed the TED crowd last month with a new trick he invented that pushes the boundaries of what magic looks like.

Combining sleight of hand and augmented reality visualizations powered by a Microsoft Kinect sensor, this is a 5-minute show you don’t want to miss.

Update: The creative studio onformative behind the visualizations, in collaboration with checksum5, have published a blog post and images detailing some of the effort required to pull off this visual feat for Marco.

The main task was to bring together a very long list of demanding interactive real-time effects – such as hand-tracking, face-tracking, face substitution, particle systems, elements in 3d space – with the exact course of a six minutes show, which was exactly timed by the given soundtrack.