Qantas WP7 app flies its way to Windows Phone Marketplace

Almost exactly a year after it was originally announced at Microsoft’s MIX11 conference, the Qantas airlines WP7 app is finally available.

Sent in by an anonymous tipster, the app is still private (not yet discoverable) but is downloadable through a direct link.

Since its original debut, the design has had a fresh coat of paint, aligning it with the updated Qantas styling.

Even though the app has some pretty useful such as a push live tile for individual flight updates, mobile checkins and mobile boarding pass, the app won’t be too useful for anyone who don’t have a booking or frequent flyer membership as there’s no flight search functionality.

Overall, Qantas should be applauded for shipping a pretty functional and polished app joining a small list of airlines who now have a native WP7 app.

9 insightful thoughts

    1. I doubt Virgin will spend any money on developing an app that will be used by only a handful of people.

  1. Finally. I kept searching in the marketplace for this app thinking “wait, where is it. I swear i saw this at a conference”.

    But as Long said, it is missing the main feature I wanted / needed. Being able to search for flights. If i have friends on Qantas flights, i want to be able to search and pin that flight, so that I know about delays, etc.

  2. David…. really, your main use for the app is to track other people’s flights? If they’re a close friend you can always add their booking into the app (they would of course have to share you their booking reference).

  3. What’s with the delay of announcing Windows Phone 7 apps, and actually delivering them? Pandora still isn’t out yet either. Microsoft really needs to step it up here. There’s still many popular apps not availalbe through the Marketplace yet.

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