Microsoft Bing’s Stefan Weitz gives TEDx talk: “Make No Plans: The Power of Serendipity”

Stefan Weitz is the director of search at Microsoft Bing. I just came across this fascinating TEDx talk he gave at Parker School in Chicago last month titled “Make No Plans: The Power of Serendipity”. During the 22 minute talk, he covers the topics of his own life experiences in Australia, neuroscience, chaos theory, accidental discoveries and personal networks, all to make a point that long-term planning in life might not pay off as well as you think.

I owe Stefan for propping my “Real Live Search” instant-Bing-search project to USA Today fame in an interview he gave after Google introduced Instant in 2010.

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  1. thanks for the link, great talk. I never did this intentionally, but my scientific research often works in similar ways. cheers

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