[tl;dr] Quarterly Visual Studio 2012 updates are awesome

  • Microsoft today released the RTM version of the Visual Studio 2012 Update 2.
  • A considerable update that adds a handful of new development features and bug fixes including a new retro-“Blue” color scheme inspired by Visual Studio 2010.
  • This is the second notable “quarterly” update in the six months since VS2012 was released.
  • In contrast, it took a year for Visual Studio 2010 to release its first Service Pack.
  • The rapid and smaller update cycle (vs. Service Packs) delivers much more tangible value sooner in bite-sized pieces.
  • Microsoft’s Somasegar delivering on promise to “continuous value delivery and our new approach for providing updates to Visual Studio on a regular cadence of shorter intervals”
  • Seeing a similar trend with Windows 8 Updates, where significant performance and reliability fixes are delivered in regular monthly updates vs. behemoth Service Packs. However, no new features/functionality in Windows updates.
  • I hope more Microsoft products/services can adopt this quarterly update cycle vs. semi-annual or annual update cycles.

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  1. Loving the tl;dr series! If only everybody would write blogposts like these.. 😉

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