Dear Bing, please fix your SSL certificates

The has a wildcard certificate that does not include the non-www domain. has a certificate for Akamai.

Apparently this has been affecting Bing for at least two hours now. This is pretty embarrassing that the Google-killer would misconfigured their SSL certificates. I guess not enough people use SSL search on Bing to warrant a critical response? Of course non-SSL Bing is unaffected. In contrast has had SSL by default since 2011.

(via Hacker News)

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  1. I see similar error some times on my friends old/currupted PC. After some time I realise that PC’s clock is set to 2004 or something. After I correct/update the clock the problem resolves.
    But in case with Bing, yes the problem still exists reg. https

  2. Its fixed for the US site now. Internationally, we still get broken certificates. does not match, go figure.

    Google have never had this kind of long-lasting amateurish issues with their certificates.) Bing have 4 % marketshare in Norway. I guess it does not take much to take a chunk of the local market.

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