SoundGecko v2.0 for Windows Phone

My startup recently launched a major 2.0 update to the SoundGecko Windows Phone app. It’s an audio service that lets you listen to news, websites and documents. It’s a free app you can download from the Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone users have long voiced their opinions of second-rate or non-existent apps for the platform so when I was faced with the decision to “invest” in either our iOS, Android or Windows Phone app, I chose Windows Phone. (Our Android and previous Windows Phone app were tied in terms of functionality and user base).

Windows Phone users, don’t let me down.

8 insightful thoughts

  1. Congratulations Long!
    That looks like a really nice quality application! Not to mention the super high production quality on that video, I’m going to go and install it since I can see what your quality standards are so high.

  2. I wonder how long Long Zheng has been an irrational Microsoft fan boy who wholeheartedly agrees with every single change Microsoft ever makes, no matter how rubbish it is? 😛

  3. While admitting upfront that this is not a program I’ll be using (just don’t need this type of service), I had an idea. What if when reading something with a byline, it parsed whether the author is likely a male or female based on their name and then used a corresponding male or female voice to read it?

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