The life and death of bandwidth

Never fear young-Luke! With the help of Digg, a few Chinese websites and countless trackbacks and links from some very respectable bloggers from around the world (I thank you all), I’m happy announce we have pushed over 77GB of bandwidth in just 7 hours alone today. Nearly matching the 90GB+ we pushed over last night.

Bandwidth for Vista screencasts

At least we have a lot of happy visitors.


With a little bit of simple maths, we’re well on track to breaking the 250GB barrier in 24 hours. Bon voyage.

We’ve now pushed over 300GB combined. But it’s calming down.


And these are the people who caused all the bits and bytes.


Update 2
What a good example of the long-tail phenomena.


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  1. Hey, how are you?
    I am also froM China and i am in Canada now.

    “Never fear young-Luke! With the help of Digg”whats that?

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