Nuclear isn’t so bad, is it?

The Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation has an interesting perspective on the risk of nuclear science. They’ve published a series of posters named ‘Living with Risk’ which focuses on all the other risks with life that is comparable to nuclear science. But is it?


First up is our good friends, the caveman, who’s been extinct for a good time.

  • As you can see, on the bottom left, caveman versus the T-Rex.
  • Potential accidents, “Inadvertently speared by tribal member”? Obviously teamkill was popular back then.
  • Protection & damage limitation, “If he turns on you, run man run”? I never knew doctors were so vicious.
  • This is good. “How bad, injury or death” with a picture of being eaten by a herbivorous dinosaur. That’s bad!
  • Benefits, the purpose of life is food.


I like how they made it obvious in the heading, it includes fossil fuels. Fossil fuels everyone!

  • Potential accidents, I don’t like all the “…”s there. How many potentials can there be?
  • I really really really don’t like the looks of the “How bad” picture. Is he weeping? That’s bad.
  • On the plus side, we have TV in the “Benefits”. πŸ™‚

Research Reactor

Self explanatory.

  • Potential accidents, “Conventional accidents”. Would that include a nuclear fallout?
  • How bad, “equivalent to 1000 hours in a jet plane”. Ouch, jet lag.
  • Benefits! Scans reveal half of your organs or bones are missing.


Didn’t know sport was so dangerous before.

  • How bad, “Out of the match”. Oh that’s horrible.
  • Benefits, everyone wins a trophy!


We should all be put on Segways. Hardly dangerous at all.

  • Potential accidents picture, car slams into bus, car and passenger fatal, bus one minute late.
  • How is, getting your license “hazard control”? You weren’t even on the road before.
  • Hazard control, “road design”. Yeah, because everyone shapes the road with their own imagination.

I’ve never been so confident in an nuclear organisation.

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