Windows Vista screencasts part 2

After the popularity of the first bunch of Vista screencasts, here’s some additional screencasts of Windows Vista that includes: Windows Update, Vista games, parental controls and date/time management.

Again, these were recorded on the Toshiba M400 tablet PC at a reduced resolution of 1024×768 for capturing performance. This does not reflect the actual performance of Vista. Encoded with Quicktime H.264.

Windows Update

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Better management of updates through the Windows Update control panel. Ability to manually request updates and manage existing updates. Also features better restart management that prevents loss of work.

Vista games

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New and improved games bundled with Windows Vista include: Chess Titans, Freecell, Hearts, InkBall, Mahjong Titans, Minesweeper, Purple Place, Solitare and Spider Solitare. Maybe this is what will cause the great depression of 2008 Dvorak has been talking about.

Parental controls

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Better management of allowed and blocked content through time curfews, rating and classifications, application limitations and activity reports. Supports regional ratings and content specifications. Activity reports also feature detailed analysis of computer usage including web surfing history and instant messaging logs.

Date and time

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Better date and time management with the ability to manage multiple timezones.

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  1. If this is the new windows then it looks like crap! It looks like it was made with Desktop X!!

  2. Hate Vista’s functions, but like Aero Glass VERY MUCH!!!
    The ones who are playing Linux, hush your mouth! Linux won’t survive long!

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