Coming Zune: any 2nd now

Zune, 2nd. Get it? No? Oh well, worth a shot. Ridiculously funny joke aside, Sean Alexander spotted the second commercial spot for the Microsoft Zune placed on the Zune announcement site. Here is the video for your convenience.

This obviously represents something. The small bird was sharing content with the big bird wirelessly, and in this case, a flaming stream of fire. Next, the bird receiving the content catches on fire, and starts rocking out pretty hard. Charcoal chicken anyone? The bird burns at about 200 degrees, loses a layer of skin revealing new feathers. Now both birds catches fire and continues to rock. Then the Zune burns up too.

The moral of the story? I do hope Sony doesn’t make the batteries for the Zune, cause that would be ironic.

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  2. but why did they design a wheel to look like a scroll whell without any scroll wheel functionality. Microsoft Interface designers probably never heard of the design rule: Form follows Function.

    I really whish they would have come up with some really new and clever. Instead it seems like a cheap iPod knock off. Damn, I really was looking forward to something fresh.

    Also, I don’t see too many kids rushing out to buy these things. Song sharing is great but few teenagers I know actually buy music these days. A lot of them don’t seem to subscribe to concepts like the Ablum and intellectual property.

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