New Old Vista Aurora Wallpapers – Partners

Update: I’ve been kindly informed by Josh from that these wallpapers are very old. In fact, so old that it makes the 4th generation iPod look new. Actually they are only dated back to 1st of June, 2006. But since I’ve removed the branding, some of you might still find it interesting.

These wallpapers come from the Microsoft Partners website for Windows Vista. They’re a little different to most of the Auroras I’ve seen, but Auroras all look the same these days. The only negative thing is that they come with the Vista orb, “see the difference” and “partners” branding. I’ve removed the “partners” branding for two of the highest resolution wallpapers (normal & widescreen) which you can scale down if you prefer not to have branding.

Microsoft Partners Aurora wallpapersMicrosoft Partners Aurora wallpapersMicrosoft Partners Aurora wallpapers

All three variations are bundled in the ZIP file for your desired resolution:

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  1. hi,

    i am across many wallpapers and icons but these are very new and nice .
    and we would xpect for the themes

    yours friendly


  2. Hello, I am very new to the whole computer thing. I just got a new computer and I like the blue/green background. Is there anyway that I can add some transparent butterflies to float around on the screen and keep the blue/green in the back? Or can I get the clear butterflies to float in and out of those curtains or rays or whatever they are? I would like for the butterflies to be clear so that whereever on the screen they fly, the background color will make the color of the butterfly. Sort of like, they could fly through the colors.

    Thank you, Robbin

  3. @Jeffery:
    It works now.
    Search it. But check with some site like WOT or SiteAdvivsor to make sure that those butterfly don’t carry viruses.

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