Exclusive look at Windows Vista’s viral marketing: Clearification.com


Days away from launch, someone has sent in a tip about the official Windows Vista viral marketing campaign called Clearification. If you loved Demetri Martin in The Daily Show, you’ll love him here. It’s funny, its depressing, its satirical and I don’t know how it relates to Windows Vista.

To get the vibe of Clearification, have a look at this video.

It is no secret Demetri Martin signed up with Microsoft nearly 4 months ago in a multi-staged marketing campaign aimed to improve the image of Windows and Microsoft. So far, Microsoft has sponsored for Demetri’s stand-up tour “These are Jokes”, touring around the States. But Demetri Martin is best known for his “Trendspotting” reports in the Comedy Central show, “The Daily Show”.

As noted by the Seattle Pi, Microsoft and Apple are literally head-to-head when it comes to hiring comedians. On the same show, Apple has already hired John Hodgman as part of its Mac-vs-PC advertising campaigns. Could this be rivalry at its finest?

In the past, Microsoft has officially stated Demetri will the face of a massive multipronged campaign for Windows Vista, and this is it. Whilst it has obvious associations with Microsoft and Windows Vista, it is still unclear how it will tie-in with the bigger Windows Vista marketing campaign. So far, a link and a few audio plugs are all there is between Microsoft and Clearification, which are only links to Microsoft’s official website.

demetri.jpgThe focus of the website is to show a series of episodic videos about a man with psychological issues who’s been sent to an institution. It is unclear how Windows Vista might tie in to the whole story, but I’m guessing Vista is going to make him less crazy? Or something along those lines of being a normal, productive and sane man.

The tone of the website is very light hearted, with plenty of family-friend jokes and amusing quotes. The artwork is by Michael Gillette. Music by Film School Music. And it even has an RSS feed. There are also options to download each video and quote featured on the website, which will very popular with teenagers who share them like crazy.

A Whois search of the domain reveals clues about when this domain was registered or who (marketing agency) was responsible for the campaign.

Created on: 11-Apr-06
Expires on: 11-Apr-12
Last Updated on: 10-Sep-06
Administrative Contact:
de Bruin, Cees [email protected]
Not the Carrot
2e Rozendwarsstraat 1-1
Amsterdam 1016 PD
+31(0)203202772 Fax — +31(0)203202773

Definitely check out all the wackiness that is Clearification for yourself at www.clearification.com.

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  1. I’m not exactly sure what are they trying to achieve with this, but it sure is hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Well, “its not funny”. I don’t get it and it does not relate to Windows Vista. As Joe Wilcox asked, why not recapture some of the qualities of the Windows 95 marketing campaign? Show Windows as something you use for more than playing solitaire or connect to Windows Server Domain. This ad only tells me you have admitted defeat to Apples OS X. It could also suggest that Windows is “uhh, stupid operating system”.

    If you want funny people look to the Classics and Standards, Chris Rock would have been nice, Conan O’Brian, or Jimmy Kimmel. I think the guy on Colbert Report would really add some sensible, mature yet really out of this world funny and enlightening info about Vista.

  4. First, the brown MP3 player.

    Now, the marketing campaign centered around man with mental issues.

    Vista has OS/2 written all over it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Do you guys not know what is happening here? Any halfwit should easily notice that Demitri’s mind is cluttered, and he needs to make things easier for him. Windows Vista helps the I.A.P. do this. In the same way, Windows Vista is supposed to remove the clutter from your life, and simplify things. They’re saying that previous OSes are over complicated, and things need to be simpler.

    Anyway, Windows or not, I’ve been in love with this website since Demitri debuted his “These Are Jokes” album, which featured the first episode.

  7. WHO is the person who OK’d the IAP commercials in tonight’s Comedy Central show with Demitri Martin? They are SO totally lame, unfunny, unattractive, un-anything that would make me even THINK about wanting to buy Vista. Sure, we saw the product demonstrated (obliquely) and Vista will help you de-clutter, but the professor character is just way too weird. Sorry. It is, sorry.

    Now Demitri himself is funny. I was howling at his flipchart routine, maybe because I am a trainer and standing/presenting/flip charts/pointers/jokes falling flat are my stock in trade? More Demitri, less professor.

  8. The professor was Microsoft’s commercial for Windows Vista, they were trying to make you see Demitir’s show as alot of visual thoughts and imagery that “need organising”. What better way than with Windows Vista? Didn’t you see the professor using it? I thought it was simulated at first, but then I saw through it. I also saw through the entire show, meaning Demitri’s “show” on Comedy Central was only a commercial. It’s very obcious. I read the audience was payed, but that might be a little much, but true? maybe.

  9. “[W]hich will very popular with teenagers who share them like crazy.”

    Way to be a dick… dick!

    Why don’t you say, “And it’s very colorful, so women like it.” Wait, that’s also acceptable.

    Okay, why don’t you say, “The site has music, so black people will like it.”

    I know I sound crazy now, but I’ve heard too much crap about age today.

  10. @Poop: But its true, teenagers share videos like crazy. YouTube links fly around like wildfire.

  11. Hey Windows, here’s a tip for future campaigns: Don’t do this again. It’s stupid, it really doesn’t help sell your product, and it’s extremely annoying. As a matter of fact, I was so put off by those stupid spots that I just changed the channel. Great job, guys.

  12. Demetri Martin is hysterical. Hes a great one liner. He makes me stick with Windows. I think Microsoft’s plan wasn’t to get more people buying their computers but rather the already owners more proud then cowering to the infamous “Hi, im a Mac, and im a PC”

  13. i honestly love the clearity videos.
    they’re so silly like demetri’s comedy.
    it kinda makes sense too.
    and i think he’d be way better than the guy in Mac vs. PC
    demetri’s way sexier.
    i’d love to see the trailer on TV for vista.
    it would get a lot of attention from teens.
    and we’re the future:)

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