Winners of giveaways: Vista mousemats and ASP.NET/AJAX books

Windows Vista mousemats/mousepads

After 21 gruesome days of email spam from over 630 entries, I finally received the mousemats sent from the great land of royalties and teas, thanks to James Senior from Microsoft UK.


The winners have been chosen using a monkey and many fortune cookies which has inside the names of the people who entered the giveaway. Before the drawing actually started, the monkey climbed into the air-vent and escaped. So in despair, a PHP random selection script was used to fairly draw the winners. Here they are:

  • David Old
  • Robert Griffin
  • Greg Pishko
  • Bernd Grüner
  • John Fewer
  • Greg Wadden
  • James Schmidt
  • Mauro Sagratella
  • Dan McCoy
  • Gareth Waite
  • Scott Lewis
  • Kutter Ross
  • Vester I. Thacker, Jr.
  • Tom Brickman
  • Mary Ford
  • Vaidas Kascenas
  • Herbert N Swearengen III
  • Kevin Lucca
  • Tom Bastiaanse
  • Corey Emmons

If your name was on the list, be very afraid. Because I’m going to email you in the next few days to get your shipping address. If your name wasn’t on the list, don’t start whining yet.

Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET

Unlike the Vista mousemat competition, if you don’t win this, you can actually go and buy the book. But nevertheless, if you do win this, you’re going to be drawing pastel rounded corners with big input fields and refresh-less pages in no time. Thanks to one of the co-authors, Paul Glavich.

Ajax with ASP.NET

There are only 2 winners for this, so this was comparatively easier than the mousemats. I write everyone’s name on a piece of paper, and burned it. Then I looked through the ashes to see who’s names remain. Sadly to say, there wasn’t much left. So I ended up using a PHP script again. I tried to stop my reliance on technology, really, I tried.

  • Stephen Taylor
  • Sanu Simon Philip

To those two people, look out for an email from me and many Nigerians in the next few days. To everyone else, you may begin whining now.

Shipping for all this is probably going to cost greater than the GDP of some small island nations. Bummer. But all hope is not lost. I hope in the future I can do many more giveaways with bigger and better prizes.

17 insightful thoughts

  1. Long,

    Please give us losers (people that didn’t originally participate) details on how we can order these…didn’t even know about them until today.


  2. Yey I won one too, and to think I gave the monkey 20 bananas as a bribe!
    I want my bananas back!

  3. When I get around to mailing it after crawling out from the piles of university assignments. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the mat man, I recieved it this morning, looks cool on my desk, mouse works better now!! Thanks again!!!

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