The cost of being nice

Some people have accused me of trying to profit from this blog and running giveaways to draw more visitors and increase AdSense revenue. To them, I have this to show.

Australian Post docket
This is the Australian Post receipt for posting 19 giveaway items (17 Vista mousemats + 2 AJAX books) to strange and wonderful places.

AdSense revenue for September 2006
This is the AdSense earnings report for last month, when the competitions were held. Note: the converted Australian dollar value is AU$74.50.

It’s simple. I run this blog at my own expense. Any profits I do earn, are returned to the indirect owners and supporters of this blog including my host or you, the readers. For the previous months, I’ve voluntarily donated all of my AdSense money to my host, to contribute server upgrading costs. This month, I’ve used the profit to send away the giveaway items.

I don’t know how some bloggers can make enough from AdSense to buy a car or even a house, but I feel sorry for their readers for being such loyalists and literally making money for someone else.

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  1. Hey Long, I enjoy your screencasts. They are done so well.

    You might want to pull down this screenshot of your Adsense control panel since Google prohibits publishers from displaying their CTR or CPM figures in public.

    Thought I would let you know as Google might take this as a policy violation.


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  3. Eep! I actually feel rather guilty now! πŸ™

    I appreciate this very much Long, I’ll make sure to ‘pimp’ your site out to everyone I meet! πŸ˜‰

  4. Im sick of sites who do nothing but link to linked to linked content. Long produces some of the most colerfull and interesting origional content in the topic of vista. You SHOULD be profiting for your work!

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