Clearification just got a whole lot clearer

It’s been nearly two weeks since I first reported about Microsoft’s viral marketing campaign for Windows Vista called Clearification. Back then, the relationship between the campaign and Windows Vista was extremely vague and confusing. But now, Clearification has just posted the second installment of the “Demetri Martin finds Clearification” videos. Everything is clearer now.

In the second episode titled “Welcome to the I.A.P.”, we learn more about the organization which Demetri Martin has been institutionalized in. The acronym actually stands for the Institute for Advanced Person, founded “sometime in the past”. The IAP is partly funded by “money we find around” under couch cushions.

But more importantly, this episode demonstrates quite clearly how Windows Vista ties into the story. As I was partly right in my original assumptions, Windows Vista serves as a tool which the IAP uses to aid its people. There were several quite prominent placements of Vista technologies, including:

  • The Momento digital picture frame (I just reported yesterday)
  • A desktop PC running Windows Vista
  • A slideable Tablet PC running Windows Vista
  • Aero’s Live Thumbnails
  • Wireless network projector

And of course, mentioned in the episode, Microsoft is one of the corporations which fund the IAP, along with International Handles, Indisposable Camera Company and Eric.

The episode almost reminded me of LOST, showing a video describing the origins of the IAP in-place of the Dharma Initiative. The jokes were once again fairly ‘in-your-face’ which didn’t make you laugh out loud, but at least gave you a smirk on your face. I don’t know how Demetri Martin can pull off such a straight face, but he is truly the star.

Here’s some screencaps of the most memorable moments. I want that “person” shirt!

Clearification showing digital photo frameClearification showing "person" shirtClearification showing Windows VistaClearification showing Demetri Martin drinking a bottle of waterClearification showing Tablet PC with Windows VistaClearification showing IAP videoClearification showing cat scanClearification showing funding sourcesClearification showing trophy designClearification showing Demetri Martin holding popcorns and bottle of water

7 insightful thoughts

  1. I am actually beginning to think that Demetri is a Apple user hired by Steve Jobs to sabotage Microsoft and Vista through these utterly useless commercials/campaign.

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  3. Does anyone know the name of the instrumental music piece that plays in the background during the I.A.P. presentation?

    It was used as background music for just about every corporate film and presentation in the 1970s. πŸ™‚ Very nostalgic…

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