Clearification #3 – Back to ‘not much sense’

Forget what I said last time, Clearification has returned to the state of ‘not making much sense’. Today, the third episode in the six episodes series with Demetri Martin was released, titled “Electric Brain”. The story revolves around a scientific experiment with a brain-analyzing device. Check it out for yourself.

It’s a little bit funny. Not much storyline. Weird, to say the least. A few guest appearances of Windows Vista showcasing Office 2007, Flip 3D, Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer.

The Institute for Advanced PersonhoodIn other news, the official website for The Institute for Advanced Personhood has also opened. Feels a little bit like Lost’s alternative reality game, the Hanso Foundation.

There’s a lot of history behind the institute, it’s staff and its beliefs. There’s also a nice little mini-game that explores your psychological traits. According to the test, I’m “one of a kind”.

7 insightful thoughts

  1. I liked the first one, LOVED the second one and I hate this one. Not funny, not interesting, not anything. Flip 3D is sooo mocked up (you don’t get Flip 3D by typing on keyboard).

  2. interesting. beetlelesc stuff, yellow submarine with windows certainly need to be on an elevated level to get this I guess. where do I get the dope? does it come with the os experience? yes – weird, but not too bad.

  3. I’m a graphic designer by profession and know quite a bit about different marketing techniques/approaches…

    …am I the ONLY one getting tired of these stupid ‘viral’ campaigns? Just show me your product, I’ll decide if I want to buy it or not….geez.

  4. Am I the only one that thinks it is funny how much they ripped of the styles of Wes Anderson and David O. Russel (I heart Huckabees), not to mention Monty Python and the Beatles. Don’t get me wrong, I love “influences”, but if you are going to rip styles off this blatantly its best to do something better or at least somewhat original. It is one thing to be influenced, but another to take the look and feel, tone, music styles, casting styles, mood, illusration style, and even plot-lines to some extent. geez… and all for “beloved” MS? What a waste. Anyone else here prefer the honesty of Apple’s campaigns right now?


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