Microsoft doesn’t know what compatibility means

Normally, a monopoly abuses this right, but Microsoft can’t even get this right. Thanks to Robert Banghart for sending this in.

A survey sent by Microsoft’s own employees (Windows Live team) to gather feedback about their own product (Windows Live) to their own email client (Live Mail) viewed by their own browser (Internet Explorer 7) doesn’t work.

Windows Live survey

This is only days after the previous Microsoft survey stuff-up. Go figure how much money third-party survey organisers (in this case, Global Market Insight) are robbing from Microsoft, and ruining their reputation in the process.

5 insightful thoughts

  1. It’s not the XP’s, Internet Explorer’s or even Live Mail’s fault. The fault lies with the third-party survey organiser who is incompetent enough to send broken emails on behalf of Microsoft.

  2. ahm… the thirdparty provider would only use the same survey system they are using for everyother customer. I don’t think they do special version for Microsoft. The fault really lies with the Geniuses in Microsoft marketing who comissioned the external company.

    This really wouldn’t be the first time in history where Marketing or Managment go ahead an implement some ridiculous plan without asking the technical folks if it’s even workable.

    Microsoft wasn’t the first and would say probably also not the last to be guilty of this.

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