19 insightful thoughts

  1. Holy moly that’s a lot of caps! Where did you get them from (and can I get one from the same place?) and why do you need so many? 😛 Anyway, it’s a… Vistapillar.

  2. They are from the recent contest Long helped conduct.. For which I was one of the winners.. 😛

  3. 1 Left over cap? me me me me.. common you should post them out to your regular visitors like me? 😀

  4. If you haven’t been notified, there’s no cap for you. All the chinese people got our caps. 🙁

  5. Damn, I’m still waiting, guess West Europe means nothing, sorry for saying North Europe Long, can you do anything about this?

    North West

  6. Oh, so every one is still waiting, so, Long, want me to build the Eiffel Tower for you? Just send them all to me… please… (joking)

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