The Vista “Wow” PCs

Microsoft showed off this teaser video at CES 2007 for the new range of Windows Vista inspired and certified PCs during Bill Gates’ keynote. It’s one of those standard marketing videos with spinning laptops and flying buzzwords, but I can’t help noticing the similarities between it and the Apple Mac OSX ‘Welcome’ video.

Even though the text animation and music may be similar, I still believe both videos are equally cool in its own unique ways.

Screenshot of the black Windows Vista Ultimate wallpaper

Speaking of cool, here’s a neat black “Windows Vista Ultimate” wallpaper I spotted during the video on the ASUS Lamborghini laptop’s screen. It has a green and blue flare set against a black aurora background which also happens to be the same design as the retail packaging box. I wonder where you can get it.

25 insightful thoughts

  1. Aww dude, you should have uploaded that background image to a flickr account. Damn that BG looks nice. And how sweet would that have been if it was a dreamscene BG.

  2. @Ninian Yule

    When everything has been done, then how can you be original. Name one (or a few) completely original idea to have come out recently.

  3. I have the Zune theme now (lots of black and a little orange) and i love it, so that dark theme is perfect! Vista is trying to be “cool” like Mac OS X, so let them copy a little. Who cares!? O… Mac does…

  4. MAN MAN MAN! your awesome long! i was gonna ask you to put up this video but didnt think anyone would have captured it. and if they did it would be garbage cell phone vid quality. i have a vista presentation tommorow, and you couldnt have posted it earlier! u made my day!…

    thanks again.

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