It’s an AMD processor bag-in-a-box!

Edit: I’ve edited this post because I don’t want to send out the wrong message. It’s a cool gift from AMD and I appreciate their efforts and concern. I am keeping the bag because you can never have enough bags.

AMD box

AMD really likes sending gifts this holiday season. Bloggers would agree. πŸ˜‰ This is the box that I couldn’t get before I left for CES, I was only able to pick it up today. I had no idea what was coming. A processor-in-a-(very big) box?


Someone at the post office decided to use my box as the whiteboard.


A pool of white fluff, then this. Genetically modified foam peanuts?


*drums roll* A Vertical Computer Bag 2.0 by Oakley! The 2.0 phenomena has hit the hand-luggage world. It’s worth $90 actually, so the name is nothing to complain about. Apparently it is also shielded with tin-foil to prevent the Intel from stealing trade-secrets over Bluetooth.


I’ll see you there too! Oh wait, I already saw you there.


I looked everywhere for a free AMD Athlon 64 FX chip. But I was out of luck. Nothing. πŸ™


Then there was this cool little gadget. A portable 4-port USB hub with a CAT5 ethernet extender, as well as someone’s business card. Maybe Loki is actually Chris in disguise?

Thanks AMD. πŸ™‚ The journey continues. πŸ˜€

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  1. Someones?

    Thats Chris’s (no really) was sat at our table during the dinner and a show MS took us to and was also at the labs.

    Should pay more attention!

    Anyway, funky bag – have yet to receive one and in anticipation of not actually recieving one couldn’t find one retail in the UK either.

    Damn sweet looking bag though.

  2. It doesn’t come across too well when you complain about getting free stuff Long.
    A free $5000 PC that “sucks” because it wasn’t a free top flight laptop.
    A free $90 bag and mobile USB hub sent by ‘someone’ – ‘would have been more useful if they’d bothered to send it to me in time’ – is that all? where’s my free CPU upgrade?
    Complaining that ‘nobody likes you’ because you exposed some of your fellow bloggers just to get a few more readers.

    I’ve had enough of spoilt bloggers who think the world owns them a favor.
    I don’t read this blog anymore.


  3. @mrmckeb: I’ve edited the photo already πŸ™‚

    @Vince: Complain about getting free stuff?

    • Free $5000 PC sucks? I don’t think you can write a more positive review for a broken PC, “It’s broken but still awesome”. I’d prefer a laptop because I wouldn’t have to worry about monitors, power adapters and what not, but hell, a $5000 PC is good too!
    • Sent in time? It was a joke. A ‘bag for CES’ would obviously make more sense at CES, but it’s a bag, I’m going to use it for uni! Free CPU upgrade? Another joke you didn’t get.

    I exposed bloggers to get more readers? Where did you pull that from?

    The world owns me a few favors, but this isn’t one of them πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for reading a whole post on my blog since you’ve never read this blog before, but I already told you not to read this blog, remember? πŸ™‚

  4. if people dont like you getting free stuff why are they reading your blog? Probably because they are just jealous because you get free stuff

  5. @Statix: I don’t know. I guess Microsoft forwarded AMD a list of attendees to their Windows Vista RTM Labs, because I know not everyone who attended CES got one.

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