The Zune phone, action figure and bathtub toys?

The Zune phone, action figure and bathtub toys?

Trademark applications usually reveal details about a product or service’s intended purposes and applications in the long-term. Companies who file these trademark applications obviously want to cover all grounds in terms of what the product does now, and might do in the next several years to make sure they don’t lose their trademark when the product expands into new markets.

Today, Microsoft was granted the “Zune” trademark filed on August 16, 2006. As you would expect, the Zune trademark includes uses for a multimedia player and entertainment device, but did you also know, the Zune trademark also covers telecommunication and internet services?

IC 038. US 100 101 104. G & S: telecommunication services; electronic transmission of data files, documents, music and videos over the Internet and wireless networks; electronic mail services; web messaging services; text messaging services; paging services; streaming of audio and video material over the Internet and wireless networks; wireless voice mail services; voice-activated dialing services; providing wireless access to computer networks and the Internet; cellular telephone services; and audio, video and television broadcasting and transmission

Interestingly enough, Microsoft has opted to make sure the Zune trademark includes the description for telecommunication services with ability to use internet and wireless networks, email, web messaging, multimedia streaming and even telephone services. Could this mean Microsoft might expand the Zune in the future to be an iPhone-alike device? Well I guess they’ve got the trademark sorted.

IC 028. US 022 023 038 050. G & S: toys and games, namely, action figures and accessories therefor; balloons; bathtub toys; toy building blocks; dolls and accessories therefor; doll clothing; board games; card games; play cosmetics for children; costume masks; miniature die cast vehicles; toy airplanes and helicopters; battery operated remote controlled toy vehicles; flying discs; inflatable vinyl figures; jigsaw puzzles; kites; marbles; indoor slumber and play tents; plush toys; hand-held puppets; sit-in and ride-on toy vehicles; train sets; play shaving kits; skateboards; roller skates; toy banks; water squirting toys; toy pistols; Christmas tree ornaments; pinball and arcade game machines; hand-held units for playing electronic games; model craft kits of toy figures; playground balls; sport balls; basketballs; golf balls; golf ball markers; tennis balls; baseballs; rubber action balls; rubber sports balls; rubber playing balls; squeezable balls used to relieve stress; bags for carrying golf equipment; bags for carrying basketball equipment; bags for carrying baseball equipment; bags for carrying tennis equipment; manipulative puzzles and construction toys; crib mobiles; mobiles for children; target sets consisting of a target, rubber suction darts and toy dart gun; and playing cards

Just when you thought this might be a serious indication of the Zune’s future strategies, Microsoft has also included a bunch of silly toy-related products for the Zune name. Zune roller skates? Zune golf carry bags?

This might lead you to think Microsoft always trademarks every possible product and application for all the trademarks, but then you’d be wrong. For example, the Reclusa trademark only covers the product of computer keyboards, and the Excel trademark only covers the product of computer spreadsheet software. So Microsoft is usually very precise with their application for trademarks.

Could this mean Microsoft is seriously considering the expansion of the Zune into the mobile phone and handheld internet communicator market as well as Zune train sets? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Maybe they will do a joint-venture with Mattel and do the Barbie-Zune or something like that.
    Or perhaps a Barney 2.0 (if the Actimate didn’t worked, the new Barney’s Zune skin will)
    Just sit and wait.

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