Vanishing Point ends, hints at Vanishing Point 2?

It all started four weeks ago with a spectacular water-show projection at the Bellagio, and now it’s come to an end. Finally, you can all stop drinking Red Bull, put away your Atlas, stop studying 16th century history and get some sleep.

Vanishing Point ends

What does Loki mean by “the next vanishing point”? Could we witness the first-ever online pseudo-alternative reality puzzle game sequel? It’s sure been popular enough to warrant another spectacular giveaway, you know, with all that money lying around in the Microsoft vault. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out in a few hours when the grand prize will be randomly selected and winner notified on the following day.

Maybe Loki didn’t really vanish…

Update: The correct answer’s to LOKI’s name was “Lorelei, Odessa, Kara, Ivy”. (Vanishing Point Wiki)

We created the Vanishing Point to reward the smartest minds (and communities) on the planet – and still we underestimated you. We used our smarts and our guile, not to mention money and connections and countless hours of time-and still you humbled us. We knew the terrain and barely gave you a map-and that didn’t stop you. We built puzzles that should have taken you days and you solved them in hours.

“Loki” is a genius: but you were far more brilliant. You were thought made fire. You were lightning.

Thank you for your work, your talent, and your dedication. It has been a privilege to witness: an honor and a delight.

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  1. I hope my son wins. Loki annoys me too! I’m not sorry to see her go. If they have a sequel, I hope it’s another character who is less pompous.

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  3. I loved this game. Funny that Loki was five people and I was on a team of six people trying to play this game. We hoped to win the cash prize and give the bulk of it to the one team member who is going in to college. However we didn’t win a thing but had fun right down to geting to the last live event. Two team members came from Vancouver B.C. and one flew in from England. Our high school member was at home but we were able to call him from the women’s restroom at the party. The Game was awsome and we would play it again. So here’s to a second helping of the game.

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