Office 2007 application boxshots

I have absolutely nothing else to write about, so I’m going to post some pretty pictures of the individual application boxshots from the Office 2007 suite. Apparently they’ve been up for a few weeks, but I haven’t seen anyone mention them yet. I think they look great – simple, bright, stylish, unified yet unique with some amazing abstract images communicating the uses of each product.

Access 2007Excel 2007Outlook 2007Powerpoint 2007Word 2007Publisher 2007Project Professional 2007Visio Professional 2007Groove 2007InfoPath 2007SharePoint Designer 2007
SharePoint Server 2007Forms Server 2007

Interesting how the ‘pro’ applications have a darker swoosh gradient, and server applications have a (very) thin-footprint casing. Server administrators must have very little shelf-spacing these days.

Head over to the Microsoft PressPass Product Boxshots image gallery to see them in full 320dpi fidelity. (Click through the alphabets at the top)

8 insightful thoughts

  1. I like the new designs very much. Office is just a dream from a design perspective, where Vista is hell 😉

  2. i have to say, originally, i liked these, but then when i went to the store and saw them in person, i was utterly confused. they all looked the same, their should be some color difference between them with some graphic element, instead of the ghosted graphic element.

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