Designing the Vista aurora wallpaper

The BBC, best known for documentaries of cute and cuddly animals or highly infectious diseases, published a feature article last week from its Money programme about the launch of Windows Vista. In it, contains not only a very awkward photo of Tjeerd Hoek holding a Windows Vista orb cutout with an even more awkward caption that neither relates to Tjeerd or the interesting pose he provides, but a video segment with Jenny Lam about the default Windows Vista wallpaper, the aurora ‘bliss’.

However without any relevance to the article, it’s quite an interesting video that talks about why it was chosen as the ‘default’ wallpaper and where it was inspired from. Since nobody likes Windows Media or Real Player, I’ve re-uploaded it to YouTube for convenience.

And if you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you, yes, the BBC just referred to the Windows XP Bliss wallpaper as the “Teletubbies Hill” wallpaper. Their words. Not mine. Perhaps the BBC needs to go back to focusing on nature documentaries. 😐

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  1. yeah, i watched the full 30 minute program on bbc 2 on friday. the bbc is pretty funny with technology programs you always get the feeling they have almost no idea what they are talking about. you can watch the whole thing online at the link above it has more with jenny lam about the new start orb.
    oh also jenny lam is so hot!!!! 🙂

  2. So interesting video.
    But I don’t like that of “teletubbies hill”, … Maybe XP had lots of problems and leaks, but that wallpaper is very nice, I like it…

  3. I actually like Windows Media (but I hate Real Player). But I do think that youtube / soapbox better for streaming online, Windows Media can stick to downloadable HD content.

  4. @Robin: yeah. usually minions of the underworld.

    pokemon are demons, teletubbies are the four horsemen of the apocalypse and barney is satan. 😛

  5. @Robin:
    Yes, people who have never watched Teletubbies before. Besides, I love the XP wallpaper. 🙂

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