Microsoft does not comment on rumours or speculation

As Mary Jo Foley and Robert McLaws found out today, Microsoft has reversed its many years tradition of not commenting on wild rumors or speculation within the media about future products or strategies.

Robert points out in the “Microsoft Statement in Response to Speculation on Next Version of Windows“, this could be one of the shortest press release statements ever issued by Microsoft, and seems like an over-reaction on their behalf for what would normally expect from enthusiast as a change of focus after a product has shipped.

There’s no denying Windows 7 exists, there’s even a job description (via Robert McLaws) mentioning the “Windows 7 release effort”. Perhaps Microsoft is expecting a little more fanfare over Windows Vista, but considering some have even been talking about Vista for 5 years, it’s not exactly a whole new operating system to figure out. It would be foolish not to start fantasizing over what features might be dropped from the next version of Windows.

And since we’re so speculative at the moment, I thought I might just throw this out into the pool of speculation.

Windows Se7en

If this is a sign of the post-Allchin era with the new executives, then it’s going to be a miserable two years.

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  1. No one seriously expects MS to start spilling the beans about Windows 7 only weeks after Vista’s launch? It is not in their best interest to talk about W7 at this point. What would they say?

  2. Really, it’s fair enough – would you guarantee a product’s release date? Imagine if you were the guy who announced the original date for Duke Nukem Forever…

  3. I would definitely drool if someone sent me a laptop. My ex smashed mine last year. I am excited about Windows Vista – (when I finally get a replacement) I have always gone the Microsoft route as I could never get friendly with MAC.

    It has been interesting reading everyone’s posts.

  4. Microsoft Press Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!

    Microsoft Windows Se7en

    Worldwide official release date: 07 07 07 (that’s 7 July 2007)!

    New ‘stuff’. New ways of doing ‘things’. Windows Se7en- it’s all NEW!

  5. When I went to Seattle, I was riding the bus to visit the Microsoft Visitor Center and I saw a person thet was going to Microsoft wearing a Windows Se7en t-shirt. This has to be confirmation of Windows Se7en!

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