Hi I’m an iPhone. And I’m a Smartphone.

Update 2: This comic strip has been officially labeled as “lame” by Wired. The article highlights, “it is nice to have the Apple product be the humble and earnest one instead of the snide device with all the features”. Role reversal.:)

“Hi I’m an iPhone. And I’m a Smartphone.” comic

Having a little fun…

“Hi I’m an iPhone. And I’m a Smartphone.” comic

Dialog adapted from tao muon’s post on the Neowin forums.

Before you all start shouting, I’m quite aware the iPhone does mapping too. But it’s viewing maps, as opposed to GPS mapping which is a whole lot smarter. Sure, you could plot from A to B on a mapping service, but it takes more to get updated traffic information, voice control and feedback, as well as navigation.

Correction: The iPhone can do push-email, but currently only limited to Yahoo email.

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  1. It’s good to see someone showing that the iPhone isn’t all that great! 🙂

    The Apple Fan boys will get moody…but it’s the truth. 😮

  2. @Master William: Apparently, you can only get push-email with Yahoo email. Not from your own email server or your corporate email servers. For other services, you can only do POP3 or IMAP.

  3. Fantastic 🙂

    I fail to see what makes the iPhone so special. My HTC Wizard does everything I need, and I am developing my dissertation on it in C#. From what I’ve heard it would be a lot harder to do any sort of development for the iPhone.

  4. @Long Zheng,

    Thats not the point. It has push email capabilities, when the cartoon implies it doesnt. And if it can handle Yahoo Push, then im certain there will be a way to do so from your own server.

    The iPhone isnt aimed at the corporate market. Its abundantly clear to see that. The comparison to ‘smart phones’ was on a technical and interface basis. Its aimed at a market that currently isnt catered to properly in my opinion (high end consumer multimedia phone phone), but is one where a lot of money can be made. And these are people who couldnt care less about editing Word documents on the road. Its all about the internet and ease of syncing and enjoying their music, movies and photos. Arguably, the iPhone appears to do this very very well, and doing so in a form factor andf UI that is just gorgeous. Sex sells in this high margin market. My younger brother wouldnt be seen dead with that Samsung Windows Mobile phone.

    So to sum up, the phones you compare are in completely different markets and should be compared as such.

  5. @Master William: This is a “Something vs Something” ad. Not everything has to be entirely true 😉
    You wouldn’t happen to “Cancel or allow” posting this reply would you? 🙂

  6. @Master WIlliam:

    apple is marketing their phone as a smart phone, and by that label alone corporate users will be looking at it as a replacement for what they have already. it would be really sweet if they can quit being apple-y and do stuff that other manufacteres do like push from exchange and stuff like that.

    bottom line, apple said smart phone, and this is a smart phone comparison. as for aesthetics, i heard a korean company already has an iphone look alike available that’s smaller and comes with a broader feature set than what the apple currently offers.

    it’s still in ‘beta’ so lets all wait to see what they do; in the meantime, i’m going to enjoy apple getting a taste of their own medicine for a change.

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  8. Push technology. Whoaaa that is so advanced! The last time I used it was 1999 when I worked for a large consulting firm. This is so advanced man. No, No it’s so SMART. Yeah, SMART. And man, the quality of the music playback is so smart 2, it tricked me into buying yet another mp3 player with Microsoft’s technology. Na that is even smarter. Smart-phones are so smart.


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  11. iPhone is not “only limited to Yahoo mail”. It supports any P-IMAP server, as well as Apple’s .Mac service. Apple has not commented on support for POP/IMAP standards.

  12. Sweet, i like it, i shall be buying an iPhone but until i can write my own software and get UMTS my i-mate JasJar shall remain my primary phone

  13. … and it will still outsell the blackberry, blackjack and treo combined. what none of you nerds understand (and i say that with respect and admiration, because i too am a nerd) is that 95% of people don’t know, need or care about push imap or 80% of the other features of smart phones — i want push imap so i’m installing it on my mail server — the average person couldn’t care less. and it’s not because these people are “brain dead, morons who buy in to flashy advertising” — the simple fact is, consumer electronics are way too confusing for the average person.

    apple understands this and adheres to one of 80/20 rule with almost ruthless efficiency. they recognize that 80 percent of the population uses about 20% of the features hence the relatively feature lacking ipod has a 90 million user installed base while the feature laden creative zen has an installed base of considerably less.

    forget steve’s prognostication of 10% of the cell phone market, if apple were to capture 10% of the existing ipod market they would exceed RIMs entire installed user base accumulated over the past 8 years.

  14. They said the iPhone supports Push-IMAP, which is a proposed standard (and in reality has existed for quite a while now). I don’t see why any server which wishes to support push imap (which many do!) couldn’t take advantage of this. The Treo has supported this for a while as well.

    Certainly Exchange doesn’t support it, but most Unix mail programs do.

    Unless I’ve missed some info, this is hardly limiting push email to just Yahoo.

  15. “Outsell the blackberry, blackjack, and treo combined….”

    Huh?? Not at $500 a pop it won’t, especially if the battery life is as bad as I’m hearing it will be.

    95% of the people DO care about price and battery life. iPhone is DOA unless those things are fixed.

  16. Moto Q—Sucks!!
    Samsung i730–Sucks!!

    No matter what smartphone you guys keep listing, they all use Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile is horribly at handling the voice function of the phone, the 3rd party apps are always short of being somewhat reliable and productive.

    The iPhone is the next big thing in phones and smartphones and the people that cant see that have not had a smartphone long enough. So, keep making your (somewhat funny) ads and be overshadowed by the iPhone.

  17. I think Apple will sell a lot more than many of you think. You are self-described nerds and appear to not have a lick of business sense:

    1. Most consumers don’t want push email (indluign spam) and don’t want to be charged for it. (hint: its not free) they use their phone fro talking, texting, and soon they’ll have a real browser unlike today’s cr*p phones (something the comic fails to mention.
    2. There is a bell curve of market adoption. the $500 price tag is just the price for early adopters. You nerds forget the entry price of the Razr nearly the same or even more I think–with far fewer features. On waht planet did the Razr fail because of price. Not this one. Moto skimmed the market and lowered price methodically to optimize revenue and profitability. Apple will do the same–they are even better at it than Moto is.

  18. Umm, seriously… just buy a friggin Samsung then. Why do fanboyz always have to discredit something to feel good about their purchase. Geesh, grow the f up.

  19. You’ve convinced me. I NEED TO GET the Samsung SQP-552 so I don’t waste Cingular’s bandwidth! I want to be the best Cingular customer ever!

    (Cingular obviously doesn’t have a problem with bandwidth, or they wouldn’t have approved the iPhone…)

    Push email = push content on the web circa 1997. Lame and unnecessary.

    But it reassures the suits, because it leaves you without the excuse “I didn’t get that email.”

    BTW, I’m not going to get either of these phones.

  20. Re-inventing the invent of inventation!
    Apple cleans it up, puts pretty icons on it, allows it to function with Macs only and tells the world that they’ve done only what Cell Phone carriers have been able to do for some time…..Rape the user!

    $500 is a steep price for something that’s going to get dropped, hit, spilled on or around, handed to others, and pulled out of pockets in random situations. More or less, only insurance companies, doctors, lawyers and the US Government can screw me!!! So get back Steve and offer something that’s not copied off something else!

    People will buy this but not because of the functionality; it will be to put in the ever stylish collection of materialistic goods. You’ll add this to your current collection of 5 different iPods, Macbook, Prius, stack of Paris Hilton magazines and purses, and coffee table reading books that you’ve purchased but never opened. Sure, the pretentious schmucks will buy them and love telling their friends (also fake materialistic uppity pricks) how great their new iPhone is, but come on, who is really ever happy after throwing that much money done the shitter??

  21. Who cares what the hell kind of features a smartphone has? They’re goddamn eyesores. All of them. If you’re the kind of guy that walks around with a bluetooth headset, then enjoy your smartphone and don’t forget the belt-clip, you big dork!

  22. Great ad, good to see someone show that iphone is not that great and it just does what other smart phones have been doing since years!!! Keep it up!!

  23. I love reading angry mac fan boy posts. “I’m a apple fanboy and i eat whatever jobs shits”. Face it fan boys, the iPhone is just a pretty blonde that has nothing new to bring to the table.

  24. TO: Whomever, et al.
    RE: Clever

    Cute send-up of the I’m a Mac, I’m a PC commercials being run, effectively, by Apple Computer.

    RE: iPhone vs. SmartPhone

    iPhones run on Mac OS X.

    There are SCADS of programmers already familiar with how to program in OS X.

    Given time, I think we’re going to see a LOT of new software being generated to run on the iPhone and interface, effectively, with Macintosh platforms. Much more effectively than the way most other cellphone/PDA/cum-whathaveyous do.

    Actually….I’ve got a couple ideas I’m working towards that activity, myself.


    [Imitation is the highest form of flattery.]

  25. ““Outsell the blackberry, blackjack, and treo combined….”
    Huh?? Not at $500 a pop it won’t, especially if the battery life is as bad as I’m hearing it will be.

    95% of the people DO care about price and battery life. iPhone is DOA unless those things are fixed.”

    False, good sir. 95% of the people care about what’s new, what’s hot, what the celebrities have, what looks cool. 5% care about battery life. I’d guess that about 2% care about push fing email.

  26. I just don’t get all the iPhone haters. $250 for a nice cell phone, $250 for an iPod, but Apple asking consumers to pay the same amount for a BETTER version of both in one package is greedy?

  27. As a Smartphone (T-Mobile Dash), a Treo (680), and–when available, an iPhone user–I can comment on this one from a unique perspective.

    First, tech wise, yep, the facts seem just about right. Since the platform has been around, they’ve added some nice features. But, that rampant use of features is exactly WHY the Smartphones I use are just not up to snuff.

    . . . drum roll . . .

    It’s about the UI.

    It’s HORRIBLE to actually use a Smartphone. I do at least twice as many keypresses/clicks as my Palm to get anything done.

    The comic mentions “do spreadsheets, etc.” Been there, done that on both. Yet, I have to say that anyone doing spreadsheets on a phone is in for pain. Squinting, poor visibility, and just plain aggravation. I avoid doing anything but the most simple viewing on those screens. Same goes for reading documents.

    I’ve actually discovered the reason that you need 3G. Not for video. It’s for those stupidly large Office files. Remember when a word processing file was 2K. I mean really, who thinks a Word document (hundreds of K just to save mind you) is made for anything like a Smartphone. That’s why you need 3G, just to get the data down.

    As for pushing email, well, that is a techical feature that would lock me into MS Exchange, a server that frankly is another dog with fleas. Talk to sys admins at big installs–they hate it. I’d like to see a more flexible approach, say a POP scanner that texts me when a message is there. Then I can pull it if _I_ want it.

    But again, it all comes down to UI. And what I have seen of the iPhone, well . . . sweet.

  28. You all need to get lives and set down the hunks of metal and actually care about things before you all get tumors, that’s all people care about now a days is cell phones, these new Iphones and smart phones with be obsolete in a couple months and new technology will come out.

  29. As others have said…It’s not about the features – it’s about the user interface. I’ve tried several Windows Mobile devices and have found them almost all to be terribly difficult to use. Wifi config for most of them was terrible. The three Blackberry devices I’ve had have all performed much better due to their simple, very focused UI. And none, up until the Pearl, had the same features as the Windows devices I played with (like the MDA, the Dash, the Q, etc.). But, for what they did do, they did extremely well.

    While I can appreciate the value of CDMA, EVDO and UTMS, I can’t say I’d ever be happy with a Windows Mobile phone. I tried to like them, I really did. That’s why the iPhone is, potentially, appealing. Let’s see if Apple can pull it off. I liken it to the TiVo. Everyone knows how to make a DVR. Only TiVo has been able to make the experience so easy, so elegant. And we know what Apple has done for the MP3 market.

  30. Haha, who on earth would walk around with that monster of a phone. Is that a weapon or something? Like the iPhone though, looks good.

  31. I’m buying a midget and a pterodactyl! I tell the midget my message/email/voice/internet request and he in turn communicates to the bird in a highly sophisticated midget/pterodactyl subconscious communication method that the bird translates in high speed flying to the end user. Brilliant!

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  33. wheres the touchscreen? wifi? disk space? i dont want a phone thats 60% keyboard, nor do i want 1/4″ memory cards that i can lose. i may not buy an iphone, but i definately wont buy any other “smart” phone.

  34. “but come on, who is really ever happy after throwing that much money done the shitter??”

    i can recall several times ive been happy after spending a lot of money on a quality item. like when i went from playing cheap guitars to a usa made gibson, and a ‘real’ amplifier, and realized that quality instruments while they dont make you play better, do make you sound better. and when i was younger and bought my first ‘real’ skateboard, even though it was 4x more expensive than the kmart board i previously had, it was stronger, lighter, and faster. i was happy to have saved up money for it, instead of blowing it on video games. like when i got fed up with my crappy record player and got a real technics turntable. when i got my powerbook, it felt so good to have a laptop that worked. after i bought a top of the line nikon digital camera, after being fed up with low end consumer models, the professional cameras are a joy to use instead of fustrating and capable of what i need. after i bought my volkswagen, i was and still am very happy to have a car that doesnt break down like my old cars did. if you are that unhappy after spending money on something, you didnt buy it for the right reasons. you didnt need it. would you buy a cheesburger if you werent hungry, just because everyone else was? if youre not going to buy an iphone, youre probably not one of the many people fed up every phone that theyve ever owned or tried out.

  35. And which one will be available in Australia in the next 12 months.


    Australia telcos totally suck and behind the times.

  36. trying to compare the iphone with a “smart phone” is like trying to compare a Ferrari with a fully loaded Chevy truck – something destined to be an iconic classic with something that, well, does the job …..but what would you rather drive

  37. Yea, that’s how the smartphone people sees the iphone. But of course, based on their clumsy interfaces, the only smart thing about smartphones is trying to brand the word ‘smart.’

    The ‘smartphone’ shown above is apparently the culmination of 10 major cell companies, bilion of of R&D, 10 years os pda and cell phone technology and to that – we say bawawaahahaha – no wonder hardly anyone owns one.

    So, as a iphone waiting list person, I say, that’s right – you keep on buying a device that requires you 15 hours of instruction reading, that requires you loading 5-10 better versions of the apps included on the phone to get it into reasonable usability and of course, a magnifying attachment to see the screen and an add-on keyboard so you can actually type on it – good of you to support the weak and old school technology. You are way more patient and have more free time to learn a device – yep, I’m lazy, all I want is a phone to sync and start using in 2 minutes – and thanks for not clotting up the iphone waiting list!

  38. The e-mail on the Samsung is hardly beyond that of e-mail in the late 80’s early 90’s.

    Music playback is an addon and as such is pathetic compared to the proper iPod in the iPhone.

    CDMA/GSM/UMTS etc are NOT in the same phone. CDMA and GSM make two different models. Having both in the same phone would make it a monster, of course looking at the photo above maybe that is true. 🙂

    Oh yeah, and what about Google Maps running in full resolution on the iPhone?

  39. Great comic, really great.

    I just don’t get the demographic here. It’s NOT for business people, right? Everyone seems agreed on that.

    So now there’s the “lifestyle” argument, but who has $500 to buy a phone YET ISN’T a “business person”??? Struggling artists? College students?

    Furthermore $500 crosses the line into a non-casual purchase, so targeting a market that sees turnover as often as 3-4 times per year seems odd as well.

    To whomever argues it’s “good for Web browsing”, not at EDGE speeds it isn’t.

    As I blogged about here: http://www.livedigitally.com/2007/01/19/iphone-appeal-drops-daily/ I just don’t think the reality of this device is going to treat it as well as the vision of the device…

  40. Chuck Pelto:

    “iPhones run on Mac OS X.

    There are SCADS of programmers already familiar with how to program in OS X. ”

    Wrong. The iPhone runs OSX. Jobs did not say Mac OSX. There is no public SDK for the iPhone, and a number of companies are partnering on developing for it, and the plan is for the iPhone to be a closed platform.

    If Apple take this line, there will be a limited number of applications for the iPhone.

  41. Again, the Apple bashers are hung up on comparing features. What makes the iPod revolutionary is the Multi-Touch interface. But as with the iPod, people will have to try it themselves to “get it”.

    And the smartphone might do music, but does it do touch-screen Coverflow and widescreen video? In iPod mode, the iPhone is an even better iPod than the latest one available.

  42. I just don’t think the reality of this device is going to treat it as well as the vision of the device…

    Same was said about almost everything Apple ever did. After 20+ plus years of every critic on the planet predicting Apple’s imminent demise, you will forgive Apple supporters if they stopped listening to detractors a looooong time ago….

  43. not all artists are starving, the new york art community is thriving. plus its called media, entertainment, advertising, public relations, and fashion. these are all highly profitable advanced consumer producers and advanced producer services industries where we have no problem dropping $500 to have the latest, greatest, stylish, etc

    trendsetters, early adopters, people who can generally afford cingular. there are a lot in new york, la, london, tokyo, dubai, etc.. and apple really doesnt give a crap about everyone else; they’ll follow in the years after, just like they did with the ipod- remember, when it came out it was $4-500 too.

    and all your little comparisons are stupid- if one did an assessment im an iphone / im a smartphone, the iphone would win. widescreen video, os x, superior memory, multi touch, not being a big behemoth, and actually looking suave and cool, maybe the screen resolution as well?

    go buzz off, we apple afficionados are tired of your crap, admit you suck and go program some linux because windows cant hack it

  44. “As I blogged about here: http://www.livedigitally.com/2007/01/19/iphone-appeal-drops-daily/ I just don’t think the reality of this device is going to treat it as well as the vision of the device…”

    29 diggs after a whole month. Apparently not the most popular article.

    “If Apple take this line, there will be a limited number of applications for the iPhone.”

    Yep. Which is a good thing once you consider all of the garbage apps out there for windows. Apple is and always has been about quality control over their product.

  45. in the meantime, i’m going to enjoy apple getting a taste of their own medicine for a change.

    What the heck does that even *mean*?

    Microsoft fanboys have been denigrating Apple products for over 20 years, and predicting Apple’s death as a company for just as long. The reinvented Apple under Steve Jobs has produced winner after winner in the market place while Microsoft has shepherded failure after failure. Apple has the pulse of the consumer, and Microsoft does not.

    The iPhone will be a huge hit for Apple, and the fact that Apple bashers still won’t “get it” pleases me to no end.

  46. ” If Apple take this line, there will be a limited number of applications for the iPhone.

    Yep. Which is a good thing once you consider all of the garbage apps out there for windows. Apple is and always has been about quality control over their product.”

    …which explains the popularity of Firefox add-ons and Myspace widgets.

  47. On the subject of third-party apps, I’d like to see Leopard’s WebClip feature compatible with the iPhone, so users can make their own widgets from any web page they like. If surfing the web with Safari isn’t too big a security risk for the iPhone, widgets clipped from web pages shouldn’t be either.

  48. Its not what it can but how it is done!
    And the Apple rules in that category.
    Its like office programs that can do a zillion things
    in a zillion ways or a program that can do
    what you need in a few cool ways!

  49. I think Long’s post was about the way Apple did advertising there products with these TV spots and not a comparison between two phones in the first place.

    So, after reading all the commants: it worked great! He did say ‘Jehova’! 😉

    For me, the iPhone is no revolution. Its the same as for all Apple products: great interface and cool look but with reduced features (or call it simplicity). There is nothing wrong with that but with the way Apple (or only Jobs) advertise it. At the keynote, Jobs didn’t mentioned that there are phones with touchscreens and with the same features (and more). Everyone should choose themselfes between simplicity or freedom (sometimes freedom is the opposite of simplicity).

  50. I don’t understand all the criticism.
    The product is not even available for purchase. All that has been shown was a demo or a prototype with the final product beginning to ship in 4 more months! That means there is a span of 6 months between when the product was first demoed and when it is finally released. Let’s try to save our attacks until after the product comes out.

  51. Jobs didn’t mentioned that there are phones with touchscreens and with the same features (and more)

    That’s because there aren’t any. Did anyone critical of the iPhone actually watch the Keynote? There are no phones on the market with a multitouch user interface, a real web browser, and a real mp3 player.

    Repeat what you thought you read on other blogs ad nauseum. It doesn’t change the fact that the iPhone’s interface changes everything.

  52. First of all, when people want to make comparisons with products that are categorized in the same groups, facts must be used. All phones that use Post Office Protocol 3 will ‘check’ for emails in a specific period designated by the user. Also, IMAP technology, once implemented by anyone’s company will support the PUSH e-mail feature and that is most definitely not limiting it to Yahoo! users.

    Also, if the creator of the strip meant to imply that the current smartphones on the market are compatible with all those different networks, without further clarification, is very misleading. Everyone knows that GSM and CDMA and EVDO are not manufactured in any one phone at this time- different networks people. Thanks Loweded Wookie for addressing that.

    @ drBOBgobot- “Apple cleans it up, puts pretty icons on it, allows it to function with Macs only and tells the world that they’ve done only what Cell Phone carriers have been able to do for some time…..Rape the user!”
    That is utter rubbish (pun intended.) Steve clearly made it known in the keynote and during the expo that the iPhone will be available for Mac and Windows users and it will be managed in iTunes. Also, people who use Exchange accounts will also be able to use it in there and if your Exchange supports PUSH e-mail, you will be getting that feature also.

    There are a lot of people in the discussion that have made very interesting points as to why they believe the iPhone may be a superior phone.My good friend, Matthew may give a few reasons why we fanboys buy into Steve’s, ‘reality distortion field.’

    I for one know that I will be getting my hands on one as soon at it will be available. I mean, what smartphone is available today that anyone here knows can play full length movies at 640×480 resolutions running at 1.5 Mbps?
    There are even people clamoring: Oh the iPhone does not have expandible memory…. How much more does one want and let us be practical. What is the largest capacity in a memory stick one can purchase? An 8 GB stick costs US $300.00!

    Worth noting, someone here stated that a lot of people will buy the iPhone not for functionality but because of its aesthetics and so forth… The iPhone is beautiful, it is thin. The hardware and those 3 sensors are strokes of ingenuity! The screen is sweet and at 160 PPI, I can care less for what the Chinese bring out, or what Prada may claim they had first or for what Sansung’s so called iPhone killer can do. They do not have multitouch. Their OS does not have the strength that the optimized version of Mac OS X has. Core Image on a cell phone? Full html internet on a cellphone? Syncing bookmarks between a cellphone and a computer? Widgets/gadgets/Konfabulator/callitwhateveryoulike on a cellphone? Cover Flow on a cellphone? …I think i’ve heard about it somewhere…
    It’s the iPhone!

    …now go do something useful like edit a spreadsheet on your smartphones with all that screen real estate!

  53. It’s cute to see the current smartphone owners bellyaching about how their new toys are about to be invalidated.

    Time and time again, intelligent companies come along and realize that there is more to a product than a bullet list of features. Presentation, interface and experience are key for any quality product. The iPhone doesn’t need more features to succeed. It can just be competitive and succeed because it provides the groundwork for a whole new paradigm for device interfaces.

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  55. Apple engineers write excellent user interfaces. People like good UI’s. Apple didn’t create anything new with the iPod or the iPhone (in tech terms), but their UI’s are great and that’s what sells their products. I’m not an Apple KoolAid drinker, but this is fact.
    Oh yeah, do lots of bong hits. Weed!!!

  56. well they’re both offered by cingular, so it’s no diff than 2 phones offered by say qwest, they have phones in different ranges of sophistocation. maybe you dont NEED all the added features of the smart phone. maybe you prefer the looks of the apple phone, i do. when it comes to the majority of the people who purchase these phones they will probably do all they are needed to do.

  57. I’m really quite bored of “my software/hardware (and be extension, my life) is better than yours” argument. Actually, all options have benefits and problems, it’s better to choose what is right for you, or the application that you are using.

    Please allow me a minor diversion: I’m a computer science PhD student, I use GNU/Linux and FreeBSD for code development. I have recently used Solaris on Spark hardware. I regularly use windows for recreational reasons, and I use Mac as I am a part time sound engineer. They all have strengths, and they all have weaknesses – anyone who regularly uses more than one system will be able to work these out for themselves.

    The same is true of “smart” phones. Palm, Blackberry, Windows for Smart phones, and OSX will all provide individual strengths, and weaknesses. This is life.

    To the community at large: This argument is about as sensible as the following conversation:
    You want to buy a truck, because they carry loads of stuff.
    No you want a car, cause they get places quicker than a truck.
    How can you say that, you can carry much more stuff in a truck!
    You are stupid because a car is quicker!

    Please can we accept that different people will choose different solutions – inevitably with different metrics of worth than yours. These choices, although potentially different from yours, are valid – they have different needs to you, which is why they have different metrics. Feel superior if you must, but please don’t use dumb arguments to “prove” a subjective point. There is no accounting for taste.

    Great ad though … nice that people can still see irony 🙂

  58. “To whomever argues it’s “good for Web browsing”, not at EDGE speeds it isn’t.”

    *cough* Wifi *cough*
    I mean, okay seriously, you probably arnt going to have a Wifi network 24/7.
    But please, tell me one phone that gives you fast internet anywhere? I mean, like, you know, good internet, thats visible, shows the full page, doesn’t lag the phone running…..?
    as for speed, i would say edge is more then enough. If you NEED data, you have those widgets, im sure there will be some form of RSS, and you get your emails and texts, as well as other special built in services. That web browser is a handy, “i need to just look up something quickly” sort of feature. Or if need be, you can resort to Wifi, for example, you go somewhere, for a short-ish period of time, and dont feel like brining along a laptop, but know there will be wifi.

    What iPhone brings to the table in terms of internet, is alot more then any smartphone. Have fun searching through your web pages, that are either to far zoomed to know what you are looking at, or to small to read, while i click my widget, get all my important data, then toss the widget to the side, and a new one slides into view…… dont worry, i will wait for your next page to load, need some reading glasses?

    AND by the way, dont get me wrong, had iPhone just been a phone, not a smart phone, i would have most likely picked up a smart phone.
    iPhone just, puts everything a smart phone has in, leaves out a few things here or there, and then works hard enhancing those features, making them easy to use. Its a device intented to be wipped out, do what needs done quickly, and put away, not out 24/7 doing whatever…. quick, everything you need, easily accesed and viewed.

  59. As a user of a treo, and a blackberry at one point… These phones suck ass. They don’t do music well, they don’t do photos well, they don’t connect me in an ssh session to my 100 unix machines(without a bunch of BS). They don’t even do a fucking phone well? These things are heavy, have a shitty battery life, crash and need to have their batteries pulled out to reset them. The OS is winblows – which is probably why the damn things crash so often.

    WTF – people – WHY do you put up with CRAP and then try to say how great it is!

    I am a Unix sys adm, a professional photographer, a musician and honestly I am looking forward to a little apple competition, so I can put my life into one device that I can sync easily with my multiple macs at work and at home, that also doesn’t look like ASS.

  60. kinda missing the whole next-generationmulti-touchscreen interface there, which is what impresses the heck outta me. Those wee keyboards are a total pain, unattractive, and hard to keep clean!

  61. And there were a lot of MP3 players before the iPod came along, too. It’s all about the interface and ease of use.

  62. What most people fail go grasp is that it’s *good* to have less, but well implemented features. My P990i does a quazillion things, is slow, buggy, and the user interaction was designed by a drunken monkey after a lobotomy. I actually missed appointments because it takes 14 steps or about a minute to enter a new appointment into the P990i, and sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered and eventually forgot to do it.

    I’m going to gladly give up 90% of the features in the P990i in order to get those features I actually need in an interface that actually works. In other words, I couldn’t care less about all the stuff the iPhone can’t do as long as it does what I need most, and doesn’t constantly annoy me whenever I have to use it.

  63. Interesting point about all those programmers for Mac OS being able to bring out their wares for the iPhone, I assume that the iPhone has the power to run all these apps then? Also, the primary way of programming for Windows Mobile is to use Visual Studio, now there really are a LOT of programmers familiar with that tool. As for it all being about the interface, the smartphone interface is highly configurable as many people have already demonstrated with their iClones.

    Of course Apple will sell loads of iPhones, although outselling Palm, Rim & Samsung is hardly going to worry Microsoft who are firmly targetting enterprises. Incidentally, there is very little chance of them outselling HTC, the largest WM manufacturer. There are better MP3 players on the market than the iPod (and certainly less fussy software than iTunes) but Apple have established themselves as a fashion brand and we should all applaud them for making gadget fever so popular.

    But overall, the Pro apple brigade essentially miss the point that the one item of functionality that it would appear an iPhone owner will be without is a sense of humour!! Come on guys, we’ve been fighting the mine is better than yours battle for years, it’ll never end, and neither should it because it’s a right good laugh

  64. i swear to the gods, you apple fanboys are the scientologists of the internet.

    dude, you just need to STFU already. THIS IS A PARODY… you know, a JOKE. The same way people make fun of Windows, Microsoft, etc.

    Repeat after me: “Apple is not a religion. I didn’t ‘convert’. I simply BOUGHT an electronic product.”

    You’re the reason I had to put a sticker over the Apple logo on the back of my MacBook. Jeez.. stop being weirdo zealots up steve jobs’ arse all the time.

    stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it!

  65. Funny story….so i’ve been an apple user for 4 years and my dad won’t touch them…he got a new Blackjack…and I was trying to be supportive since they are pretty slick looking but it’s windows mobile….So i looked at it, played with the camera..took a pic of myself and then with the idea to do the typical task of assigning that pic to my number was impossible to figure out…i sat there infront of him trying to be positive about his new expensive “smartphone” but neither him nor I for the life of us could figure out how to add it to my contact info….he told me about 2 weeks later that he had figured it out…..the iPhone may not have the capability of interfacing with a database or connecting to multiple data networks (which was also a task to figure out on the blackjack….they bury the connection wizard in some sub folder of the windows directory on the phone) but what sets the iphone apart is the simplicity and UI that will not only give phone/music/internet/ and more to the masses but it will also be easy to use and readily adoptable. Apple has always understood that it take not only great engineering (which windows does have) but great design and also a bit of psychology to create powerful and useful devices that doesn’t take forever to learn.

  66. You know, the most important technical feature of these phones is that they look flashy. They look (and are) expensive. Most users can’t use them, but feel “elevated” to a new level, by using an admittedly EXPENSIVE (see, how much I’m worth to my master?) phone.

    Of course, those who really matter couldn’t care less for P-IMAP, their secretary reads their mail, then they assign the job to an I-PHONE using zealot and go out for dinner or golf 🙂

  67. Ummm, but I only know how to make a conference call on an iPhone …although I own a Windows Mobile for a year now.

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  69. Can’t both exist? I have a tmo dash and I love it but I think the iphone will be cool too. I probably won’t buy one because I actually like windows mobile but I definitely think the iphone will be cool. People will continue to buy both and I say that’s great.

  70. This is amusing but the thing about the iPhone is that it’s about interface not features. I don’t really care or even know what half of those GPMS/SJFI/SJAM things you mentioned are because I don’t use them. I want to be able to get on 802.11 hotspots and check my email, do some cool stuff with photos and music… look at some google maps and check out digg.com… that’s about it and the iPhone is marketed at people like me, not people who need access to every single kind of network and a gps system and push e-mail from any source.

    Don’t get me wrong though, this is hilarious and mostly true, I just don’t think it will be a problem for any of the people Apple is targeting.

  71. oh one last thing, there was a guy who said: “forget steve’s prognostication of 10% of the cell phone market” above and I just wanted to point out that Steve said he wanted 1% of the market, not 10! Big difference and it shows what he’s talking about (and makes a lot more sense :p)

  72. iPhone: But I am pretty!
    Smartphone: M’yep. I’ll give you that… I’ll give you… that.

  73. Repeat after me: “Apple is not a religion. I didn’t ‘convert’. I simply BOUGHT an electronic product.”

    You’re the reason I had to put a sticker over the Apple logo on the back of my MacBook. Jeez.. stop being weirdo zealots up steve jobs’ arse all the time.

  74. @williamromer: did you have to spam it?

    @kofster: quite the rant there… will you be using Pocket Excel on your PocketPC/WindowsMobile smart phone to edit that spreadsheet?

    gosh, Long. this has to be the most comments any one topic here has gotten!

  75. Look at the apple fanboys squirm.

    ITS A JOKE!! Yeah, it was intentional that the couple little things that you have to cling to that will make the iPhone “groundbreaking” are intentionally left out. WHY? Because that’s exactly what Apple does in the same commercials on TV, only they take it even further and outright LIE….

    And what features? Multitouch? Which none of you have used but all of you have to bring up. You dont even know what its like except by Job’s doctored presentation of it? It might work well or it might be a gimic, the real hardware doesn’t come out until June. It could work half the time and be more frustrating than anything or be prone to breakdown after 6 months, or…….???

    Why it will initially sell:

    * There are enough Apple Fanboys and cutting edge people that will go out and buy it because its pretty and new.
    * It has just enough cool(but re-hashed) features to make a convincing argument. And Job’s is a good used car salesman. Misdirection is key!
    * It is simple( meaning Limited/Lacking features but its a plus for some)
    * Video, Audio, and the Hard drive
    * Nice UI – From what Job’s doctored presentation and the few pre-release non fully functional demos around, if it looks and is as responsive as it has been shown it’s pretty good. But it should be for $500!!

    Why it eventually won’t(and will be returned):

    * Battery Life(and not a removeable battery).
    * Slow Internet Speeds(It won’t be fast enough to stand up to what this cutting edge device has been glammed up to have for performance).
    * $500+ and the price of a data plan(and the $500 won’t be dropping like other phones, look at how overpriced iPods still are).
    * 1 US Carrier that isnt very good in ALL markets.
    * Touch Screen – They spun it as a plus, but it will be a grease magnet, there was more than one reason stylus were invented for PDAs.
    * Closed Platform. You can say it keeps “all the bad software off”, but it also keeps the thousands of good applications away.
    * Limited customizing
    * Just Plain limited. Won’t be flexible enough to offer new cool solutions unless Apple says it can(and charges you for it)!!!

    I like the guys that are Techies and end up at sites like this, but Windows Mobile(similar to the interface in XP which most of the world is using but simplified to be similar to that of a feature phone’s OS), is still too ‘complicated’ for their use!! ARE YOU KIDDING? A setting found in a setting folder. That’s crazy?! I would never have thought of that. It has twice as many features, but I may have to have an extra button press to do one of them? Ludicrous!

    Yeah, we will all admit it needs a little more polish, but most of it we can customize to our heart’s content…

    I say give me something that doesn’t even offer me the feature so Im not tempted! Yeah, we get it, that’s what Apple is good at!


  76. Push email is nice but it is far less effective without any office or editing applications. In the iPhones defense it isn’t intended to be used in enterprise applications, it’s more like a toy.

  77. Why would anyone pay $500 for a phone plus all the extra fees each month if it wasn’t needed for a business? The only people who I could see ever waiting their money on that is those people who already use Macs. They may never even use the thing, but it is shinny and made by Apple, so they will feel that they must buy it to add to their over priced hardware collection.

  78. As someone who has have most every rendition of a PDA or PDA/Phone combo I can say that the IPhone will be a huge success initially… then users will get it home and realize all of that ‘full-featured’ web browsing will be miserable on EDGE. And the big point of a ‘multipoint’ device is what exactly?
    The phone is gorgeous, but already 6 months to a year behind in the technology of basic phone functionality. The IPhone 2 whenever it comes out might be a strong enough competitor to dethrone Smartphones and or Blackberries, but it’s gonna take a lot more than this device.

  79. I am not a corporate user. While PocketPC’s from inception were designed for business, I purchased mine for mobile media and since WinCe 2.1, I’ve been doing the “Video iPod” thing. Seven years ago!
    What innovation Jobs.

    iPhone is cute, and with its “easy to use ” concepts will sucker many like my less technically inclined family.

    Multi-touch? I use fingers on my PDA and PDA phones all the time Big deal.

    Anti-keyboard? iPhone has a “soft” keyboard. That takes up real estate. Especially one designed for fat fingers.

    When iPhone was announced, HTC stock took a hit. HTC no doubt will take notice and design ”iPhone killers” Yes! I’m excited by that. Competition breeds better quality in all.

    I welcome iPhone. Good! Take the lazy, incompetent, who God forbid might need to read a manual to program their VCR clock. Encourage WinMobile to expand and better develop by getting more visibility to the “smart phone” concept. Rock on iPhone.Rock on iPhone.

  80. The only thing that confuses me…is how do this many Mac fanboys end up on a heavily Windows-focused blog? It boggles the mind…

    Anyway, what…someone…said earlier was true. The features that the iPhone does NOT have are mainly features that *very few* people care about. Same thing with the iPod and its numerous competitors (included my beloved Zen Vision:M)–can it play DivX video? No. Can it play music from any store besides iTunes? No. Can it play any music files besides MP3s and Apple’s proprietary stuff? Nope. Does iTunes have a subscription system like Napster or Yahoo? Forget it.

    Do people care about these things? Not particularly. Does the iPod look sexy? Apparently so. (I’m the type of guy who thinks that the original Nintendo DS looks cooler than the DS Lite, so I guess I’m not the guy to ask about this.) Does everyone else have one? Yes.

    Now, looking at these questions and answers, the type of people who generally read this kind of blog would *not* get an iPod, and opt for a more feature-rich, versatile portable media player. The other 99% of the population would immediately snap up an iPod. Sad, but true. Same will go for the iPhone.

  81. kofster: “I mean, what smartphone is available today that anyone here knows can play full length movies at 640×480 resolutions running at 1.5 Mbps?”

    The HTC Universal does, even streaming smb shares over wifi. cable-free bluetooth stereo, voice command, and skype too. not bad for ukp100 plus contract, and that was 12 months ago.

    sdlvx: you’re kidding, right?

    it’ll shake the market up a bit, plus they’ll do their usual hardware/os lockin. the phone market is much more fragmented than the computer market, with symbian, windows, uiq, ericsson, motorola making a mix of hardware, oses, and even cross-licensing deals – not to mention service and 3rd party developers – it’ll be interesting to see how apple’s closed platform approach plays out.

    wonder if apple will run with your ad, long zheng? 🙂

  82. OK!
    For those trying to make some nerdy point out of the blackjack not being a CDMA AND GSM device, STOP IT! STOP IT! Really quit it, you look handi-capable, and not in the good “heart warming” way. The point of this JOKE wasn’t to compare the iPhone to a Blackjack, but an iPhone to a Smartphone (running windows mobile). Surprise, you WILL find WM devices on EVERY network, EVERY carrier, quad band, tri-band, world phones….sure…done. Deep down I think you knew this…I’m glad we had this chat.

    “I for one know that I will be getting my hands on one as soon at it will be available. I mean, what smartphone is available today that anyone here knows can play full length movies at 640×480 resolutions running at 1.5 Mbps?”

    THE IPHONE CAN’T DO THIS! It will be HALF VGA. You know what will be able to do this…wait for it…EVERY LINUX AND WM PHONE THAT COMES OUT AROUND THE SAME TIME AS THE IPHONE…and we’ll be using DIVX…so there…whew…

    When the Treo was the big bad smartphone on the planet, all of its competitors were knocked for one consistent reason, the Treo had (and probably still has) the best one-handed operation for a device with its amount of features. The iPhone will most certainly break this rule, and with NO tactile feedback to boot. While using this bastion of simplicity you will be using both hands and staring at the screen…no way around it. Multitouch is just a fancy way around the fact that you can’t get work (yes WORK) done without some kind of hardware. I can’t wait to see someone pound out a web address with this thing…

    It does look sexy. Yes thats neat, great, awesome. So does my first gen nano… which is slippery as hell .. and never had ear sweat on it.

    OK, all that above being said, the iPhone will do well, VERY well, I think it’ll probably hit the 10% over time without too much trouble, but it is NOT a smartphone…it’s a really fancy feature phone with a video ipod built in. A lot of people will want that…just not a lot of techs. I’m already not looking forward to the superior “I have an iPhone” attitudes I’ll be getting from the artists and actors I work with.
    To which I’ll respond “So what does it do?”, they’ll say “it plays music and movies, and I have the internet (yes they’ll say it that way too)”. Then I’ll show them everything my phone does (admittedly with some 3rd party software), and I know I’ll get one of two different responses. Either “oh but thats WAY too complicated” after showing them something basic the iPhone doesn’t do or “but it’s not an iPhone” as if that’ll MEAN something.

    I really want to like Jobs (and his shiny gee-gaws), but his “followers” make me want to hurt puppies.

    Rant off.


    OoooooKay, now I’m done…

  83. Awesome toon. I espescially like the comments complainign about not pointing out all the features of the iPhone. Exactly like the iMac ads touting their new ground-breaking paradigm-shattering innovation of the webcam.

    It’ll sell a lot, it looks nice, some will love it, some will hate it (both for the wrong reasons) but it isn’t ground-breaking in any sense.

  84. Iphone is for those people who are not into all that stuff.
    It´s for girls to show it to others and carrying it in their handbags,
    no matter if they use all functions, it´s just this old
    “Ipod” – Trick… a very expensive player and a lot of
    stylish announcements like “this is what you need to be lucky”.

    I own a smartphone and it does everything, the prive was incredible
    low and it´s smaller an for me personally it´s more stylish.

    I used a pocketpc in the past, now i don´t like this touchscreen any more–
    it´s absolutely bad to open about i don´t know how many apps
    while you´re listening to music while it´s in your pocket.

    For me, the iphone is styled bad! Really. Looks boring.

  85. The iPhone can (will) do what does a smartphone (it only depends on Apple’s willingness to “open” the iPhone plateform)

    BUT can a smartphone have an iphone-like navigation interface with such an amazing touch screen technology ?

    And to be honest, can Windows mobile really compete with OS X (the iPhone’s operating system which is derived from MacOS X) ?

  86. About the most intelligent post on this page till now is that of smart phone user. Folks on both sides of the divide are just being blind to reality: different people have different needs, and we can argue all we want, but their will always be people buying the other product.

    I am not for for against the iphone or smartphones. Its all about my needs. And if you ask me what I need, I’d say straight off the bat that I need a smartphone; not an iphone.

    But that doesn’t take away from the iphone any of its virtues. Can we get on with life?

  87. I got a smartphone, and I don’t see anything the iPhone does that I can’t do with my smartphone, and being not rich n all, I can’t see me getting one, as there’s nothing new there.

    That and I’d hate to have to touch the screen, unless they got a fancy technolgy that prevents smudges, which I haven’t heard about. Maybe I don’t have the right kind of touch screens, but my DS, PDA, Phone, and Monitor all smudge stupid easy and are a pain to clean and build up fast. So maybe I just don’t know about the anti-smudge capabilities of the screen of the iPhone.

    I’d miss my keyboard too. And my Divix movies, and …. my MS Reader for my ebooks. And Opera… I’d realllly miss opera, like a whole lot. I love opera.

    And I’d miss my AIM/Yahoo/MSN/Google messenger applet. Can you IM with the iPhone?

    Coures in hindsight, I’d of probably gotten this phone if it was the first smart like phone I bought, this or the one I got… I really like my keyboard and Stylus. (HTC Wizard)

    iPhone is baaaaaaaaad, smartphones are sooooo great and Windows mobile NEVER crash !
    iPhone is baaaaaaaaad, smartphones are sooooo great and Windows mobile NEVER crash !
    iPhone is baaaaaaaaad, smartphones are sooooo great and Windows mobile NEVER crash !

    By the way, if smudges are your obsession, never buy glasses and always keep your hands clean ! LOL

    Seriously, for those who’re talking about iPhone specifications without knowing : please, wait until June !

  89. Fantastic ad and nice to see all this comments.

    The only good thing about the Iphone is that it shakes the market and makes things moving.

    I have a Nokia E70 (with Symbian inside) and it can already do everything a Iphone pretend it can do.

    This month the E95 (again with Symbian OS) is avalaible. This one is more like a G5 in front of a ZX31.

    By the way:
    iPhone is baaaaaaaaad, smartphones are sooooo great, Symbian is so Reliable and Windows mobile sometime crash !

  90. I’m sure Symbian OS and Windows mobile can be compare to OSX…

    You’re wrong, Michel : the iPhone is a magic product that forces people to talk about things they don’t know :

    is the iPhone available ? Have you test it ?

    Too bad… WIRED was right!

  91. ipod story all again

    In my society _Everyonye_ interested by technologies speak about the iphone. ALL ! they never spoke to me about RIM or Treo or the wonderful Social IP Voice techno of the future before.

    but suddenly… iphone !!

    Smartphone are too much complicated. and bloated. Ho my! I only saw these products in hand of desperate commercials or some fanboy-computers.

    Proudhon is so right , whatever the intent, EVERYBODY and my dog speak about the iphone !

  92. the thing i dont get is all these people saying how great the new UI is and how its so brilliant. Yet, no body here has actually used it. wait till it comes out and then we will point out the inevitable bad quality of this apple product

  93. I want 2 get a pda aka smartphone and the apple iphone. my cellphone contract ends in 08. which 1 should I get? I found a really kick butt smartphone but the iphone looks really kick butt. but nobody has a review cuz its not out yet. what should I do? should I go wit the iphone or the samsung blackjack SGH-i607??????

  94. Do somebody knows if i can use the iPhone (Version 1.0) in Europe also? What is the basic charges for AT&T per month? Can i buy the iPhone in usa without domicile in America? Thanks for answer. bye

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  96. What do you all expect? The iPhone is junk before it even released. It looks cool sure, but my smart phone now looks like an iPhone thanks to some simple re-skinning.

    More features. CHEAPER. Faster processor. More software. Games. What else? Oh yea, EXPANSION SLOT…

    the iPhone I would get IF it was on Verizon’s network and a bit cheaper. I can live with no SD card slot and slower processor…but I can’t justify the cost.

    I have a Samsung i730 and the ONLY thing that sux is the battery life. It’s slightly more bulky than the iPhone but that’s ok even. The i730 though should come to my rescue and be shorter than the iPhone (I believe) almost as thin (though not as thin) and have the longer battery life. PERFECT. Cheaper. Done.

    Why is everyone so amazed by this iPhone nonsense?

  97. Got the iphone and its nice. Like the wifi best. will use it for a few weeks, then change back to my smartphone. In a nut shell, iphone is a fad and the new hot thing. Arm candy – thats all. Maybe when 3G comes out, it’ll be able to contend with real smart phones. What a wast of $$$ – Oh by the way, Steve J – you really screwed up! AT&T lock – and the over-rated user experience…. I want features, functions, and GLOBAL usage, not freaking artsy, fartsy pretty thing. All the hype and no deliver. Take a trip to Korea and learn something from Samsung you pathetic loser!

  98. How many Razors did Motorola sell at $500 each? What was its big feature again? Oh yeah…it was skinny.

    $500 for “skinny,” and they couldn’t keep them on the shelves.

    Apple will make billions on the iphone — all while increasing interest in other products in its line.

  99. You are all missing the point nerds. Nobody CARES what iPhone does or anything Apple for that matter.

    The point is that they LOOK better than anything else on the market. And seeing as the majority of people are infatuated with how they look and how they are percieved by others then Apple will win.


  100. Apple = shite

    Most americans have no idea of what mobile tech is about, the iphone has been lauded here in Hungary and laughed at.. no one is buying it. The tech in the phone is ancient, we’ve already had it for the last 5 years in samsung, Enet, nokia, etc etc… THe only people this phone is going to appeal to are apple nerds who just love apple stuff (even though it is shit) and the fashionistas “oh darling, don’t you just luuurrrvvv my new phone, it cost sooooo much”

    It is just another example of American industry trying to fuck over Europeans because they think we love their stuff.. well, sorry to dissappoint but we prefer Asian tech to your bloatware and sorry-arsed imitation crap.

  101. Hungary? Relax goat boy, no one cares what people in Hungary buy.

    I just had a debate with opinionated Hungarian about Computer to Plate (CTP) and the death of film in the printing industry. The guy was very well informed and up to date on 10 year old technology. Seriously dude…

  102. re: Who cares

    I’d love to drop to your level of conversation but your shit got their first fuckwit.

  103. Thanks for the response, I’m touched! You know, for a while there I was concerned… you know, I just didn’t feel like you were there for me anymore emotionally.

    sniff sniff… I feel like this is a real breakthrough in our relationship. You’re still pretty defensive but at least you’re speaking to me. Communication is key Michael.

    Talk to ya soon goat boy!

  104. …and yet again we learn, never make a provocative comment on a forum because there will always be some emotional leech looking to get his/her kicks by trying to provoke others into a flame war.

    ah well, “who cares” seems to care deeply about relationships and seems to want one with a goat. I wish him the best of luck and would suggest he seek out the local farm so he can find a nice sensible goat to settle down with.

  105. The very wise James sees much from his self appointed, exalted position.

    What he doesn’t see is that I DON’T want a relationship with a goat, my sheep would get jealous and I can’t have that.

    I spend all day working on Macs and peecees and am very fluent on both platforms. I like most of what Apple has done and get more production out of their machines than any thing else. My bias toward Macs comes from their reliability in a heavy production environment. I still thought the cartoon was very funny and I can see it’s point. I personally don’t need either but I can see the iPhone being more useful to the average person and the Smartphone being the choice of uber-geeks.

    I was flinging poo at Michael because of his silly American vs European stance. I mean really, we’re talking about a phone here not world politics. I hardly think it’s a conspiracy to shove American crap down his throat. The dude sounds like he’s been listening to too much System of a Down.

  106. HA! this is hilarious. i owned the blackjack right before getting the iPhone, and the iPhone pisses on it. If anyone on this forum has an iPhone they will agree. It seems as though the person that made this never owned one, and he is pissed that he doesnt have one now. Its not the iphone does MORE… it does it more seamlessly. Of course its no big deal that it checks email (does this person expect it to come out with some new type of mail?). U push a button and it goes directly to your aol mail, a function that the Blackjack DID NOT do. Next. Visual voicemail – u look at who has left you a voicemail, it listed right on your phone. you can pick which voicemail you want to hear out of the bunch, and pause, fastforward or rewind. Text is MUCH easier as well. Chances are if someone is knocking the iphone, they havent tried it, as i said I went directly from the phone on the left to the one on the right. My girlfriend still has the blackjack and i laugh at her for it. Get an iPhone, dont listen to the covetters.

  107. And Tony — 3G will be available on the iPhone in a few months, as well as other software upgrades.

  108. LOL, even the one thing apple did cool (visual voicemail) is already offered for every cell phone free of charge by youmail. and u dont need use a tiny crazy-ass webbrowers, u can use a real computer….

  109. lol! i can’t believe this one is still going!
    i was just google-ing myself (which everyone should do just once, for fun) and i found this post again.

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  111. iPhone is “Cool”. Society says so. So, sorry smartphone fans, defend your feature filled blackberry as much as you like – It will still be considered rubbish by everyone, and you’re no longer going to be able to pick up that hot blond just by whipping out your phone in front of her =P

  112. I just bought an iPhone recently. Of course when the price dropped to $400, which I knew it would. I just didnt think it would drop within 3-4 months. That was fast. And smart. Here’s what I think as a non-nerd/non-corporate guy:

    I wont be editing word doucuments or spread sheets. I don’t care about writing apps. I don’t care about push email. I care about being on the road listening to my music or watching a video in wide screen format and getting a phone call or text during my entertainment. I cant get that with a device like the BlackJack. I have one of those already. I didnt want to pay xtra for a data plan on a blackjack. Why? Because its NOT THE SAME like the iPhone. Sure the Edge is slow. But I’d rather see my website in its entirety than on a BlackJack. Its all broken down. Battery power gets juiced indeed. There lies my problem. Another problem I have is that I am soooo afraid to drop it, take it every where with me. etc. This is why I have a back up that I can mangle and not cry. Another issue is it not being an unlocked phone. I’m sure after my 2 year contract is up, something better will be out so I dont care. Here’s the good stuff…

    I just recently signed up for a 2 year contract with ATT as a new customer. Came over from T-Mobile. So I went on a site called LetsTalk.com and picked up a Sony Ericsson W580i wich is a sweet phone. Easy Sync with a Mac. No software needed. The phone was FREE when I signed up. I decided to go on Ebay and check out the going price for it. Was selling for around 200-240. So I sold it for $220. I then took that $220 and put it towards an iPhone and only paid $200 for it. What I would normally pay for a new phone. So being that the iPhone dropped to $400 and I only paid $200 out of pocket, I say I came away better than most. No disappointment here. Just waiting to get my 1st ATT bill. To be continued…

  113. You know the whole childish my phone is better than yours is just so…..childish.

    The iPhone is fantastic. It’s hottest point is that it’s 99.9% touch screen.

    The Samsung SmartPhone shown is beautiful and certainly is a workhorse.

    Grow up.

  114. I had the Blackjack and got rid of it to get an iPhone- so glad i did too. The BJ (pun not intended) was cool when it was the new thing, but after seeing the iPhone it suddenly felt ten years old. The iPhone is limitless in comparison. It’s so much easier to use, and can do everything i used the Samsung for and much more. Yeah, you can check email, go online and listen to music on a Blackjack, but in comparison to using an iPhone, these things feel like chores, like work. With the iPhone, doing these thing is pure play. People keep calling them smartphones. Using them is like having a conversation with a really smart guy who intentionally talks over you, using the biggest word he can, doing things as technically as he can, over complicating everything- while using the iPhone is like having a great conversation with your best friend. If someone took my iPhone from me and gave me back my “smart phone”, I’d be ready to fight and would describe it as a robbery.

  115. Ohh my god… How can your guys even compaire your old smartphones with iphone. So huge difference.. Christ are you insane pointing out your smartphones can do the same as iphone.. “Been waiting for U” when you guys actually know what u are talking about im intrested in listing, but damn get serious, because you bough a smartphone and cant afford to change for iphone just yet, please get your storys straight.. Does 802.11x, avtivesync, SDK and sooo much more mean anything to you. the installer and source funktion in the iphone would alone be better than the newage smartphones from back in the days you are reffering to. Pushmail..haha, yes but try say pushmail through activesync and not all 4 stop pushmail. There will come alot of new phones/smartphones whatever in the near future who will eat iphone alive, but so far far Nokia Morph havent reached the streets yet, and no doubt at all. Iphone s the best smartphone on the market as im writng this. Not just my oppinion, but pure fact… read about it endless possibilities….

    regards… hail nOobs….

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