Hamad releases high-resolution Vista wallpapers

Hamad Darwish Windows Vista picturesHamad Darwish, the Flickr photographer commissioned to shoot Windows Vista wallpapers, has been busy over the last few weeks.

He’s appeared on Good Morning Kuwait, a TV show comparable (not in scale, but at least in name) to Good Morning America; Digg (3 times); the Al-Anba newspaper; Kuwait Clientele magazine; Softpedia; Chip.de; the Official Windows Vista magazine and a Chinese magazine for the arts, which they claim to be the biggest in China. Apparently, he has also landed a contract with a photography equipments manufacturer and been commissioned to teach a photography course.

You could say, I started something. But that’s not all.

Hamad has since released as promised, the entire set of photos taken for Windows Vista in high-resolution of 1920×1200 pixels on his personal website. Go grab ’em!

I’ve picked Destination – vol. II as my new wallpaper. It’s just amazing. 🙂

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  1. I Love wallpaper No. 2.

    Hamad did an amazing job! Bravo!!!

    Also cheers Long for posting this update!

  2. Thanks a lot for the update; I have been waiting for this amazing walls, thanks to Hamad too for lettting us have this freely.

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  4. He didn’t release all the wallpapers. For example, the “Imprisoned” picture of the close-up grass leaf with the dew drop is missing.

  5. sweet!
    you think any of the pics from the WOW will make it to wallpapers somewhere? there’s some pretty good work featured. makes you wanna travel…

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  7. I downloaded them and are using them on my Vista laptop (they’re beautiful!) – but the “All Rights Reserved” text turns into a glassed-smudge underneath my start bar 😛

  8. Either traffic is too high for this site to handle or the file has been removed. I would really like to get those wallpapers, though.

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  10. I am not exactly overjoyed about having “All rights reserved” written on my desktop, thank you very much, not.

  11. I stand corrected! Downloaded from the link without the silly legal messages.

    Thank you so much. These pictures are breath taking!

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