Tjeerd interviewed on .NET show

The .NET ShowIn the true spirit of following every step of Tjeerd Hoek, director of Windows user experience design at Microsoft, here is one of the older video of Tjeerd being interviewed on Microsoft self-produced vidcast programe called “The .NET Show“. Whilst this particular episode focuses on Longhorn Server, the last 10 minutes features Tjeerd as a guest on the special “[email protected]” segment which for no apparent reason, someone at Microsoft is interviewed.

The interview goes for about 9 minutes, and covers topics ranging from his career, background, hobbies and Windows Vista. Pretty much everything that appeals to a stalker. There are also shots of funky looking chairs to appeal to furniture enthusiasts.

If there is one particular note to take away from this interview, it’s this.

Sometimes there’s these – certainly around UI – there are little rumors on the Internet, like, Oh, they’re going to at the last minute change the whole UI. I always go like, No, our customers don’t like that sort of stuff. We have beta programs to really get the feedback on what we want to build. You can’t just suddenly change your plans, so we’re very focused on just getting all the details right, getting everything to quality and shipping it on time.

Only if he said that I had picked this up before the launch, it could have cleared the heads of so many disillusional enthusiasts.

Update: YouTube video seems to be having problems. Reuploading… Video a little out of sync.

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  2. Most of the people are r’tards, thats why they don’t understand the UI.

    Hey, the lady is good, what her name πŸ˜‰

  3. yeah whats the ladies name… she was much more interesting πŸ˜€ he should have been interviewing her… boring vista ui who cares.. maybe they should have changed it last minute without anyone knowing, made it would have come out better

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