Win a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate

Well if you’re not having much luck trying to brute force your way to a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, then maybe you should enter this.

Windows Vista Ultimate boxIn January, Microsoft gave away copies of Windows Vista Ultimate to attendees of the CES Windows Vista Lab just in case this group of Windows Vista enthusiasts has never played with Windows Vista Ultimate. It is a pretty good gift in terms of the monetary value it represents, but it literally looks like something you could buy from a back-alley way in Chinatown for $5. Nevertheless, it has a totally legitimate product key so it is worth every dollar of a retail version.

Windows Vista discI only found this in my ‘box of stuff from CES’ last week, so that explains why it is given away right now. I also have more than an adequate number of copies of Windows Vista for my personal use, so that explains why I’m even giving it away at all. Besides the “Not for resale” notice on the CD, and good karma, that’s all the explaining I can do.

The contents of this amazing prize includes:

  • Paper CD/DVD sleeve with a clear plastic window
  • Windows Vista on a recordable DVD (as seen above)
  • Product key label affixed to the back of sleeve
  • Various fingerprints and scratches

You can use it on your home computer, work computer or even your rainbow-of-fun machine, a.k.a. the Mac.

Submit your entry at the “Win a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate” competition page.
Competition closes Monday 12th of March, 2007.

Update: Competition ended early due to an overwhelming number of responses (mostly Chinese).

The quality of your response is not judged. Winner will be picked at random using hamsters on wheels. Attempts to bribe the hamster will disqualify you of any present and future competitions.

P.S. If you are with a company and would like to giveaway a product on this blog, please get in touch with me.

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  1. The Windows Vista team doesn’t think so, so I’ll take their word for it 🙂

  2. LOL i read it saying “CD” and when i come to comment i’ve been beaten and Long has already changed it!

    lol quick!1

  3. @M.

    If you have nothing decent, constructive, or thoughtful to say keep it to yourself. I’ve been looking all over to get Windows Vista Ultimate for a cheaper price. Free (and legal) sound very good to me.

  4. Wow, nice contest ^^
    You made me laugh with the small contract-like letters
    Lets see what happens!

  5. I haven’t got time for the pain. You should have a “how far can you throw this disc” contest; or, who wants a new glass coaster? It’s opaque. Anybody? Oh, well.

  6. If you think it’s so crappy, why bother even replying?
    Some of us would love to have a copy of it.

  7. Long, your email address validation thingy doesn’t appear to like “+” in an email address.

    “Email incorrect: Your pet’s name is not your e-mail address”

    (I use the + for email aliasing, it’s perfectly valid – and it lets me tag things so that they don’t get picked up as spam)

  8. This is prettey cool, Long. Good on you. 🙂

    Various fingerprints and scratches – That’s my favourite part of the prize!!

  9. Long, I just received the cap. Its nice. Thanks for sending me one. now send me this too :P.

  10. “Duplicate entry: Your multiple personality has already submitted an entry!”

    I have never entered before and it wont let me submit

  11. As a tablet guy, I world love to try the personalized hand-writing recognition!

  12. Hmmm. If I say, “I am hot, female, sexy hamster come from China,” do I get disqualified? I’m trying to bribe the hamster.

  13. I would like to try the Vista Ultimate to see what’s the difference with XP.

  14. I would like a copy of vista for the media center.

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    Add : New District Science & Technology Park,
    No.55 Ximei Road,Wuxi,Jiangsu

    中国无锡新区 华润安盛 锡梅路55号 IT部 franklin 逄

  15. I would like to try the Vista Ultimate to see what’s the difference with XP.

  16. Judging by all the comments, I take it that the Chinese flooded you again?

  17. form china boy!


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