Winner of Windows Vista Ultimate giveaway

Windows Vista Ultimate boxWhen 1.3 billion communists who love a good bargain get on the internet, they can be pretty serious when it comes to freebies, especially those valued at nearly ¥2,500 (several folds the average monthly wage).

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since I officially announced the Windows Vista Ultimate giveaway yesterday, I had already received 1,052 entries. The range of entry responses were pretty amazing – there were the expected kidneys, church organs and appendixes. Then there were whole coworkers, one breast, eyes, livers, toes, nails and even testicles. It’s amazing how many don’t want to breathe when they get Vista. My hats off to everyone who thought of something creative 🙂

At almost 40 entries an hour, even picking up more pace, I thought if I had let this go on until the announced date of March 12, then I could have received up to 10000 entries. The chances of 1 in 10000 doesn’t sound very appealing to anyone even to those who believe in luck.

On that note, I have decided to end the competition early, and draw a winner before it gets out of hand. The hamsters has spun the wheel, and the winner is Aaron Mitchell Bernstein. Congratulations. Clap clap.

The problem with something like this is, instead of rewarding loyal users who appreciate or even understand what I write, I have 100 times more entries from people who’s never heard of my site, and comes to my site because their friend’s pet’s cousin’s nephew’s sister’s owner’s wife told them about the competition. It’s one thing to feel lucky, but it’s another to provide your address.

For future competitions, I’m going to rethink the way I allow and select winners with considerations for readers who support and appreciate what I do. Until then, my apologies.

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  1. Out of curiosity, how many people offered blood? I would think that it’s the easiest organ to give away. 🙂

  2. It’s a great idea, only, how’d you determine who’s your loyal readers? I, for example, read your articles, but have never commented on your site until now 😀

  3. Maybe you just have that many readers…You’ve become quite the internet celebrity, especially since Tjeerd Muhammed got noticed.

  4. Whoops…I meant Tjeerd Hoek. I should really read my comments before I post them.

  5. congratulations 🙂 Maybe you should create user accounts.. and when you do competitions to only offer it to people who are regular visitors surely you can check by regular activities

  6. @Long: How would you know who are the good readers? Because if you think that the users who posts a lot are the good readers, you might found that every news will be overloaded (for chances to win the next offers).

  7. @Jay: That’s a very good issue. There are those who could read every single post without commenting. I don’t want to exclude anyone, at same time, I surely don’t want to include everyone.

  8. Lol if I would have read earlier I would have entered it too 😛 Win myself another copy of vista (Thanks for the heads up on vanishingpoint btw).

    As for the special considerations for loyal readers, thats a good idea as it will filter out those random people who just come to score something without knowing anything about what you write. Its almost as bad as when people were asking for Gmail and windows live messenger beta invites.

    But heres a better idea have even more special considerations to those who go to uni with you 😉

  9. LOL

    China should really block this site 🙂 Then we dont have this problem 😛 😛

  10. “…and even testicles.”

    Shucks, I thought the hamsters would give me extra consideration for that one. Guess not!

    I’m in the same boat as several other people… I read on a regular basis (Google Reader FTW!), but this is my first comment.

    In any case… Congrats to Aaron!

  11. Somehow I don’t think comments like that are needed here. BTW. If you read, he only had one copy to give away, which Aaron won.

  12. For the curious — admittedly, I am not a loyal reader, but have come across posts that interested me here a few times. As for this time, I was referred to the contest from a posting at which I read more regularly. And, you will notice I essentially never post, there, here, or much anywhere for that matter It’s just not my thing.

    But to appease any curiosity, my entry, although, I think the drawing was still random:

    Given they are my organs, and I am kind of attached to them, I’d have to say I wouldn’t be more comfortable than my left eye — it’s a lazy eye, so it doesn’t work properly, not to mention I need glasses anyway. And, because this is the Ultimate version, and nothing less, I’ll throw in my useless appendix just for good measure.

    Okay, twist my arm — you can have as many of the dead surface skin cells as you like.

    And my baby teeth — but I think you’ll have to fight the tooth fairy for those once she realizes I still have them.

    And my boogers. Mmmm… boogers.

  13. Wow, it’s just a copy of Windows Vista and everybody is getting crazy to get one!
    Weird world…
    Next time you can “test” readers by asking questions about your blog… at least, you’ll make those who never read your blog take a look around…
    Congratulations to the winner ^^

  14. I dont know who the real loser is here. Me for not winning Vista or Long for not getting my testicle. Its a good one!

    Anyway love your blog Long, keep up the good work.

  15. You made a good decision about, your blog is getting bigger and bigger and that must be good..

    In the other hand bummer… i thought one of my toes would be enough for you..

    now i gotta find a way to put that finger back in place 😛

  16. @Zim, that’s a good idea.

    I was going to enter right about now. Oops. Guess not. I’ve posted a handful of comments here, but it’s on my page (more Microsoft right?) so I read the stuff often. In fact, that’s where I found out about this.

    Oh and glad to see you’re running WP 2.1.2. Wouldn’t want any disgruntled losers trying to hack the blog.

  17. I had an incredibly detailed comment here.

    But then when I clicked submit it told me that the Mail field was required, and when I hit the back button the post was gone.


    Sheesh, who doesn’t use postbacks for forms these days?

  18. Aaron Mitchell Bernstein, congrats dude,now next competion should be,Vista ready pc for people who needs to run vista.

  19. Best Wishes to Window Vista. I always look positive, I must win Window Vista for sure.

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