How to profit from Microsoft

Step 1. Write a rant about how Microsoft might be shooting itself in the foot.
Step 2. ???
Step 3. Profit!

It’s not cheatingThis March I wrote a post about Microsoft Australia’s “It’s not cheating” offer which sold Office 2007 licenses directly to university students at a 94% discount. At the time I thought whilst it was great for students who would like own a legitimate copy of Office, it was also bad practice on Microsoft’s behalf – for example severely undermining the value of Office. But nevertheless, a discount is a discount.

At the same time, Microsoft was also running a competition called the “Golden Blog Awards” which students could submit their blog entries about “It’s not cheating” for a chance to win a few prizes. The entry criteria stated you must at least include the word “Office” and a link to the website to be eligible, so I thought I might as well give it a chance since I’ve easily met that criteria. With nothing to lose, except my dignity, I entered without thinking twice about it.

Fourth prizeI’d almost forgotten about it, only to find out today that I’ve actually won – fourth prize. The prize is a music downloads subscription plus a Samsung or iRiver MP3 player. Having my beloved iRiver Clix only pass away last night, one might almost call this fate. If it turns out to be not the iRiver Clix, or some non-video-capable Samsung alternative, I might even give it away here. Stay tuned.

But wow, first prize winner Robert Kingston truly deserve something. A whole Lego-animated storyboard about King William (Gates) waging a war against the evil Lord Macintosh and Linux-Hood set in the land of Microsoft. He’s got even more time on his hands than I do.

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  1. I remember that blog entry, Long, and agree with what you wrote. I do wonder about the prize you won though. Strange that it isn’t a Zune.

    Congratulations both for the prize here as well as being described as “one of the web’s most respected Vista bloggers” in “Tricks of the Vista Masters”.



  2. Congratulations! And don’t get sad if your new player is a Samsung. I really loved my YP-Z5 (until it was stolen).

    @Corrine: I think the Zune is US-only.

  3. Congratulations Long. Here’s my list of stuff I won from Microsoft:

    1. Crucial 1GB USB Key
    2. Passive Microsoft-branded USB 1.0 hub.
    3. Windows Vista Business Edition
    4. Windows Office Professional 2007
    5. Four cute dolls from the Scripting Guys.

    (I had to complete some on-line training to get some of the stuff.)

    Stuff I won from you:

    1. Really nice Vista mouse pad.

    Might make a nice article if you could collect a list of prizes that Microsoft has handed out recently!

    Oh. I got all the parts to build my 64-bit AMD computer. Got to get back to work!

  4. I was going to enter but I completely forgot, oh well, I did purchase an Office 2007 license through that site.

    Legal copy of Office 2007 and Vista, yay.

  5. Lol – thanks mate.

    I wrote my blog just for a laugh – and wasnt sure it was worth submitting.

    But this morning I got an email saying I’d won. I’m still not sure I believe it.

    And thanks for your comments mate. I remember stumbling across your blog when I was trying to work out if the deal was legit or not.

    Your comment about wondering if you’d classify for the Golden Blog seems almost prophetic now.

    Cheers mate,


  6. Hey,

    I won the Vespa in this competition early in the year – and MS contacted me before the deal restarted and asked me to turn my blog into a short movie – and I scored an Xbox and a copy of Halo 3 for my efforts.

    You can see the video here ( if you’re interested.



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