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  1. Whoops, deleted everyone’s vote. There were about 8 of you, sorry. πŸ˜›

  2. I think people will be kind of disappointed, I mean, everyone expecting something huge like SP2 for XP but that was sort of a ‘once-off’ thing wasn’t it ? And Vista isn’t really the train-wreck that XP pre-SP2 was.

    I think it was McLaws who explained it on his site.

  3. @Jesse: I would agree, I believe SP2 was out the norm. And I think it set a ‘bad’ example of what is a service pack in many people’s minds, which leads to the current issue.

  4. You should have added an option to the effect of “Fix nothing, because it doesn’t exist and Sinofsky told me Vista has no problems Microsoft feels worth publicly acknowledging.” πŸ™‚

  5. Vista may not be the mess that XP Pre-SP2 was, but it’s far from perfect. Personally, I’m expecting it more as bug-fix, then a be-all, end-all move to perfection.

    Btw, I voted “fix nothing, because I have no problems.” because I switched to Ubuntu last month, and if I were to go back to Windows, it’d be to restore the factory settings, which is XP SP2.

  6. It will quite obviously cure all the world’s problems. Obviously.

    Or at least some of MS’s – I know far too many people saying that they’ll only get Vista when SP1 comes out (bugfixes, etc.). Then again, I know of people saying they got Ultimate because of Ultimate Extras…

  7. Why couldn’t Vista’s first SP also be “out of norm”? Didn’t they have a lot of technology unused in Vista (WPF?) and maybe some dropped features will come back because they are finished till then? Microsoft has to compete with Apple’s latest Service Pack ;P

  8. isn’t a service pack just a cumlative update of the updates already avaliable on the microsoft website? surely if you hada problem that microsoft had a fix for you would have installed it already. i doubt it will have hardly any new stuff in it.

  9. We’ll get a new kernel and hopefully that new bootscreen they promised us all throughout the beta and didnt deliver.

  10. “isn’t a service pack just a cumlative update of the updates already avaliable on the microsoft website? surely if you hada problem that microsoft had a fix for you would have installed it already. i doubt it will have hardly any new stuff in it.”

    Sort of,
    But a service pack can also include bug fixes that haven’t been released as a separate update.

    Also they can do minor UI changes. For example, they could change the layout of a dialog box or something like that.

  11. Well, Vista SP1 is supposed to be a merge between the Vista desktop codebase and the Windows Server 2008 codebase, so you should get added stability out of that (Server 2008 is more stable than the present release of Vista).

  12. Personally I am, for example, interesting in Vista SP1 because there is nothing more what I can be interesting in. Seems like Windows vNext will be not leak / release until next year, Vista R2… hm… I don`t believe it exists. I`m not an network administrator, so I`m not interesting in server platforms. So, I`m interesting in Vista SP1.

  13. So what’s your solution then huh? You want everybody in the entire world to update to the latest Windows version as soon as it comes out right? Because that’s the impression I get when I read your site.

    “Everybody upgrade to the latest and greatest because MS spent $XXXXXXX on it so it’s obviously better than the last version for everybody’s needs. I really don’t give a crap about your specific needs or what not, obviously if MS say’s it’s better and their feature list say’s it’s better then it’s actually going to be better for anything you do with your computer.”


    How about you stop being so arrogant and actually come down off your high horse and realize that the real world isn’t some classroom or lab environment.

    I’m also sad to see how misinformed people who frequent this site (and others) on what a service pack actually is. I’ve got an idea because I’m tired of explaining the differences. Since you supposedly have contact with people at MS and frequently contact other MS bloggers, how about you call up MS and talk to them about the difference between Automatic Updates and Service Packs.

    I also don’t know where you get this impression that people want SP1 because they want new features. Before XP SP2 network administrators didn’t want new “features” in their services packs. They wanted all of their bug fixes in one easy to distribute package and the fixes off of MS’s site that they previously had to pay big $$$ for.. Features fuck **** up…they didn’t want “features”, because MS is known for tacking **** shit onto their OS after the fact (and even on initial OS release). Now after XP SP2 people assume that people want their “features”, WE DO NOT WANT FEATURES. WE WANT FIXES.

    Reasons people should wait for SP1 for any OS release:
    1. Vista by itself had plenty of bugs on release. I don’t know about you but I like stable operating systems. I know I know. It’s a quirk I have, trying to overcome it.
    2. Drivers for peripherals were nowhere near what they needed to be and by SP1 they actually are where they need to be. Yes, those little things called drivers are actually needed. Alot of peripherals are still not supported, may never be supported. SO people should just throw all of that **** away and buy new stuff right? RIGHT? I mean it only works on “xpeeee” ewww, they should just throw that junk away and get “Vista” WOW!!! certified stuff!!! Correct?
    3. Any OS should not be used on initial release unless you like being an beta tester and like waisting your time. (Remember this, use it, learn it, it makes things much easier)
    4. If you like to solve your probems by looking on google or asking others for help there will most likely be no help since others have not used the OS yet.
    5. Alot of companies haven’t had a chance to use the OS so they may not offer support.

    I’m done. I don’t know why I read this site. You’d think someone who was interested in technology and uses MS software would realize some basic facts.

  14. You’d think a poll with “Steve Sinofsky is actually Jesus” might raise some sarcasm flags, but I’ve been wrong before. I don’t know why you read this site either, I can assure you there’s no sex appeal.

    Speakings of which, I’ve been using Windows XP up and until just 3 weeks ago. So……

  15. DosFreak, you reakky have no idea what you are talking about. We only think people don’t know anything, then they talk and we known they have no idea. I have most of my customers moved over to Vista, and they love it. I have also moved several businesses (5-500 computers) over to Vista with any issues. They are very happy.

    Me personally I would like SP1 to include some additional features, that were dropped, and maybe some fine tuning of the OS (besides the bug fixes).

  16. Windows Vista SP1 will be a “big deal” for one reason . . . it will include the additional components for Windows Server 2008 (important for corporate users.)

    Blake Handler
    Microsoft MVP

  17. DosFreak.
    Yeah dude, Sarcasm?


    Oh and btw,
    They can release new features in a Service pack aswell as just fixes.

    Sure you might need SP2 to fix the problems in Sp1’s new features, but thats another story πŸ™‚

    But think about things like the PC-2-PC Sync that got cut from Beta2.
    They can bring stuff like that back via a Service Pack. Just think about it. Its just an update to the Sync Center already included in Vista not a OMG huge feature.

    But what i agree on with you is that Vista RTM does have a few big bugs that still havn’t been fixed.

    Oh and who the fuck said we don’t want any new features anyway?

  18. My opinion is that SP1 will be a kernel update and rollup, but an interim 6.1 release will be let loose shortly after.

  19. Please stop reading this site so that I may go back to reading its posts and comments without your taint. Thanks!

  20. I voted for ‘newer is always better’. I’m currently quite satisfied on my Vista PC – granted it was built as a new computer but some of the technology behind Vista certainly has potential. WPF (Aero, 3D desktop composing) anyone?

    And hey we can take the name ‘service pack’ quite literally as SP1 will deliver additional services (be it tweaks, major updates to the codebase and ‘features’) into one convenient bundle. Services aren’t limited to bug fixes you know.

  21. There huge problems with the indexing. If you have over 2 million files indexed. Not to mention it runs sooooooooooooooooooooooo slow. πŸ™‚

  22. “Fix nothing.”

    Because I already downloaded all the fixes from Windows Update as they were released. Duh.

    It seems that most of the under-18 crowd want to believe that SP1 is going to inject all sorts of new features into Vista based on what XP SP2 did. If XP SP2 is your only experience with a Service Pack then you have no idea what they _normally_ are.

  23. Dont change a thing Long!! Love your content.

    @dosfreak: Damn man, calm down. I want new features just to piss you off!

  24. @DosFreak – chill out mate. If you’re going to attempt to make a point about something at least make it over something that is worth while. Apparently, you also missed the sarcasm in this entry.

  25. @rasken: Maybe Microsoft did not know, what you think a SP is πŸ˜‰ Most of the people now use Windows Update. That wasn’t before XP SP2. So there is no need for updating most of the systems out there with a “fix only SP” in the first place. And the killer argument is: Most of the customers want new features (and fixes for sure) so Microsoft has to give them to us to compete. I personally want the messenger back in Media Center as it was in XP.

  26. so i’m for new features. they could be all Apple and include stuff in final versions (Dreamscene) or even things they said wouldn’t be included (GroupShot). i’m personally hoping for most of the stuff that were cut after Beta 2, like PC2PC and probably Messenger back in Media Center (good point tino!).

    @DosFreak: relax, dude. it’s alright to put new features into service packs, and sometimes they are for the better (read Security Center). and i just KNOW you really want a new bootscreen, even though you probably only restart your PC for updates (like me).

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