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  1. But who needs 3G, removable memory, chat apps, voice dialling, GPS, third-party apps and MMS support when you have an iPhone?

  2. I’m quite happy with my SE W950. And if I had the choice I would take the new W960, which is cheaper and has more useful features.

  3. Ah lets just wait.
    Gen 3 will probably kickass.
    Just like how the first Ipods sucked.

  4. This is one area where Apple really rules the roost, and that is marketing. The phone really is not more sexy than many other alternatives out there. My LG Chocolate is very slick, as well as other LG phones, and the new RAZR is also looking to be a great looking phone. The iPhone feature set is lacking in some key areas, although it is very good and well thought out in others. So, from a tech perspective, this is really nothing great.

    When Apple shills Pogue and Mossberg even complain about the abysmal AT&T network and slow EDGE speeds, you know you have some problems. And good luck to all of those iPeople when the battery runs down and they are without their phones for a few days. And since the SIM card isn’t removable, using a second phone won’t work, or won’t be easy to do.

    Really Apple is just a marketing company, just like Blose, I mean Bose.

    And if you are calling those “emo” iPeople your friends, you probably are better off with the iPhone. Besides, given the demographic that this appeals to, most of those friends will also have an iPhone, so the concept of thinking different is really a sham.

  5. Isn’t it starting to get a bit embarrassing with the whole “i****” thing? iMac, iPod, iPhone, iTunes… i mean seriously, come up with a name for your stuff, like QuickTime.

  6. ^ Oh, and thats from a company encouraging people to “Think different”. Laughable to be honest.

  7. Well that because Long did start sometihng.

    I have to agree with Alax, the whole iProduct naming convention is getting old, and Google picking it up isnt helping at all.

  8. From my experience with the iPod, wont all that glossy screen get scratched up like crazy?

  9. Ive heard reviews about the iPhone being the ‘God Machine’. Whats with computing companies stealing ideas from God?

  10. @tryagain: God’s saving all the patent violations for one massive lawsuit that’s going to kill off humanity.

  11. Alex, I thought the same thing concerning the name. Everyone in the press was expecting Apple to come out with something called the iPhone, and what does Apple do: call it the iPhone. It is a little too obvious and unimaginative. But Steve could have called it the iStealFromYou and the iPeople would have lined up anyway.

  12. The whole ‘i’ thing is so 1998. Im glad Apple at least changed their line of computers into Mac (say for the iMac). PowerBook is such an awesome name though! If they called it the ApplePhone then copying companies would come up with the BananaPhone! Or howbout MacPhone (Pro?)

  13. “And since the SIM card isn’t removable, using a second phone won’t work, or won’t be easy to do.”

    YOU LIE.

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