18 insightful thoughts

  1. No it won’t magically take your photo because you were staring at the Apple logo 😛
    But you might feel a sudden urge to buy an iPhone 😉

  2. I think the Apple logo is smiling at me… I think that’s the real reason Apple has wifi in their iPhones… radiowaves to brainwaves -D

  3. say what you will but the iPhone will finally put a bit of fire in the somewhat stale smartphone market.

    My latest smartphone, a JasJam on NextG, is a frustrating to use to say the least. I had done the “illegal” upgrade to WinMobile 6 but had to go back to WinMobile 5 due to a network upgrade. While WinMobile 6 is somewhat better it still lacks in usability.

    I certainly welcome that some has finally tried to tackle the mobile user experience with a bit of innovation…

    … I certainly will seriously consider buying one as soon as they become available to the Australian market… 3G or not.

  4. Would be even better if it had a flash inside that logo. “I’ve seen the loight!

  5. Apple has branding down pat. It’s a pitty the PC industry is full of marketing-retards.

  6. *grin* .. I’d buy one if it was in Europe.

    Though I’m still leaning towards a Nokia N95 at the moment .. GPS, 5MP camera, droool ..

  7. *Hihi* The iPhone must be free with that advertisement on it 😛 I have seen the iPhone so many times now (on the net) it starts to look old for me. Thats the case for all Apple products, isn’t it? After short time they look really really old because whats in vogue today is out of fashion tomorrow.

  8. Its a pity there will be no iPhone compatable for Bearusian network i guess.. Anyway, shut the fck up u yellow microsoftish grannies, iPhone rocks because of its quality and beauty. For me Apple is beautiful itself. And im not crazy, i use Vista btw ) coz I live in Belarus and Windows costs $2 here 😉

  9. Hi I’m having problems with the I-phone camera. When I snap photos, instead having pictures to look at, I have blank squares, one squre for each photo snapped. When I touch any square, the whole things disappears, and under the Camera Roll page, there are no photos at all. Appreciate if anyone has comes across this problem, or knows the solution. Tks.

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