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  1. @Jock B: Yeah, it’s not exactly clear why the university didn’t upgrade Dreamweaver and Flash to CS3.

  2. I dont get it either. Seems like Long is using OS X and has Windows running in the minimized state through VMware Fusion, then suddenly Windows does its usual ‘pop up an obtrusive dialog box’ regarding typical patch Tuesday. Is that right??!

  3. How come mac os x can run windows like that, and windows can’t do the same (in reverse). Odd…

  4. Because Windows is not a cultish and particular OS that only runs on one company’s hardware by design. And there is a need to run Windows and Windows apps on Macs, but practically no need to run OSX or OSX apps on PCs running Windows.

  5. Nice. I’m thinking of switching to a Macbook Pro. So what is the best to use so I can run all of the Windows programs I already have and don’t want to buy again or don’t run on windows?

    Boot Camp? Parallels? Any others?

  6. @Andrew M: Parallels is ‘cool’ at the moment, but VMWare Fusion is equally capable. Both are excellent and innovative virtual machines.

  7. I was also intrigued by the fact that desktop had a combination of CS3 and Studio 8 Apps, except for Director which Adobe has not updated yet. Looks like they are phasing that out.

  8. @RC I agree with your point. But there are some things Macs do better than windows, just like there are some things that Windows can do that mac can’t.

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