TechEd SEA features 1hr session dedicated to Vista SP1

Microsoft TechEd SEAWindows Vista Service Pack 1 has made a very special appearance on the TechEd South East Asia (SEA) website, updated just less than 2 days ago. And most importantly of all, it is not a typo, unless this person mistyped an entire synopsis. The website’s agenda and schedule now showcases a 1-hour session dedicated specifically to Vista SP1. TechEd SEA 2007 is a localized Microsoft TechEd event for the Asia and Pacific region hosted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from September 10 to 13.

In theory, every TechEd is suppose to feature the same content for consistency. However with the imminent release of SP1, I would assume someone better say something so the people who need it most know what’s going to hit them. And my assumption now stands correct when the schedule, updated August 14, features a session by Microsoft Malaysia’s Jeff Low on Wednesday, 12 September from 8:30am to 9:45am dedicated to everything SP1.

Windows Vista SP1The session synopsis writes,

Windows Vista SP1 will be an update to Windows Vista that will improve security and reliability for all users of the operating system. It will include all previously released updates, including security updates. Windows Vista SP1 will also contain new updates that improve the issues that affect customers the most, addressing key reliability, performance, application compatibility, and device compatibility issues. In this session we will talk about the areas improved upon in Service Pack 1 and discuss some representative examples of these improvements. We will also discuss best practices for testing and deploying Service Pack 1.

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

TechEd SEA Windows Vista SP1 session

Some of you might remember that particular “SP1” typo on the TechEd Australia website not too long ago and subsequent withdraw. During the event, Microsoft actually banned everyone from even mentioning the “special word” – which appears to weld a special power instantly opening wormholes and porting employees directly into Sinofsky‘s office for punishment.

This time around, TechEd SEA seems to make no effort to hide the fact they will be the first Microsoft event to disclose let alone discuss SP1 in detail. That’s one way to draw a crowd. Speaking of which, places are still available so register today if you’re in the general region. However, at only RM$999 (US$284), even attending just to see SP1 is still a bargain compared to the $’000s TechEd charges elsewhere.

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  2. After some initial disbelief (I thought it was another typo), here is a thought. There is a theory, a conspiracy theory if you will, that SP1 will sell more units than Vista itself. I know, I know, SP1 will be free with Vista. But, there are probably ton-loads of people waiting for SP1 to be released before they buy Vista. So, hyping up the Service Pack could actually be a new wave of marketing!

  3. I wonder whether the frenzy around SP1 is just beginning, or whether it will die down with TechEd SEA coming to an end. Surely istartedsomething will not continue to feature as many posts on SP1 as it seems to do now!

    @Ajeet: “SP1 will sell more units than Vista itself” Very funny, but in a sense probably true.

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