My name is Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Hello, my name is Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Surprise! Pop some balloons and whack some Pinatas because today is Windows Vista Service Pack 1’s coming-out party. The party started a little earlier than scheduled but nevertheless it is now in full force, and you’re all invited! Do you want to meet him? Know when he’s coming around to your place? And why is he so cool? Then check out the word who got in the party early.

Service Pack 1 is currently scheduled to tour select users, MSDN/TechNet subscribers and the general public within the next few weeks, “later”, and first-quarter 2008 respectively. I heard he’s quite the handyman.

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  1. Well when they release the proper beta of SP1, I hope that they make it uninstallable for future builds; because so far, I can’t uninstall the bloody thing… fails every time šŸ™

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  3. Hate is an understatement. I despise this operating system, literally.

    I was one of the earlier adopters and after forking over much tango denero to buy this sorry excuse for an operating system, I soon came to realize it would be littered with more bugs than a 400 year-old wooden porch.

    Crashes occured daily, blue screens a plenty. You name it. And that is not even considering the lack of driver support. This GIGO operating system found ways to surprise me, and in a bad way.

    So I waited patiently, thinking SP1 would save the day. Last week, I installed SP1, only to have this operating system show me new blue screens of frozen tundra. Crashing daily, sometimes twice a day! This for me is quite common. And this is a clean install computer!

    Gates, give me back my damn money! You should be paying me to use this junk!

  4. Vista service pack CRASHED my computer! what oh what do i do…with 1 month to my degree defense….smile..

  5. I agree with all, Vista sucks. I was so looking forward to Windows 7. The initial rumors said it was a complete rework of the kernel, and that it would be nice and light. Then the reports started coming in that it was built on the Vista kernel. Great, another one bites the dust.

  6. Vista Service Pack 1 crashed my HP lap top when I tried to install. I used Norton Ghost and rescued the situation only for the same thing to happen when I attempted to install it for a second time. Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved or should I just not bother with Service Pack 1?

  7. Having the same problem, I have attempted in vain 14 times to install SP1 on my HP notebook, after the install completes and the system requests to be rebooted to configure, windows will not load. I then have to reboot an older system image from before the install, and try again. Try 12 was especially difficult for me, as the computer ‘installed’ SP1, and rebooted just fine, but when I closed the laptop and returned an hour later, the system had died again.

    The worst part is that I’m quite confident I already have all of these updates installed as I have been pretty adamant about my updates. So I’ve resigned that I will not be able to put SP1 on here in hopes of improving this demented lovechild of WinXP and OSX, I truly have all the errors of XP with all the resource-hogging of an Apple system. Woe is me, where’s my Linux kernel?

  8. I just installed Vista Service Pack 1 and now my computer won’t start. It will will start when I hit the reset button and it takes forever.

  9. I did a system restore and I still cannot use my computer. I believe it has messed up a few of my drivers and software and I cannot get on the internet to do anything about it with my laptop.

  10. Service pack 1 crashed my Dell Inspiron.Lost email capability.Service provider failed to recognise password.Did a system restore which seems to have returned me to the good ‘ol slow as you like vista.

  11. My god, how I hate Vista’s Service Pack 1. Did Microsoft do ANY testing of this complete crash-and-burn-and-leave-you-with-no-options-whatsoever piece of amateurish junk? I seriously relent not using Linux instead. First thing on my to-do list when my laptop is recovered from this black hole of problems and known, but unfixed errors is to install another OS. Not developed by Microsoft. And to convince my boss to have the rest of the company do so as well. And to run for president and forbid Microsoft to ever develop any untested crap again.

  12. Still hate it. The SP 1 for Vista. As I’m stuck in Vienna and relalise, that my lovely Vista CD and recovery tools are tugged in nice and tight in a drawer in Copenhagen, I begin to dislike it even more. I’m so getting rid of Vista as soon as I get my laptop to react to anything. Unless you are really bored and do not have anything important stored on your computer do yourself a favor: DO NOT INSTALL THE SP 1 for Vista on your computer. Microsoft overdid themselves this time.

  13. I agree — do not attempt installation of SP1 on a laptop, as it risks rendering it totally useless.

  14. My DVD drive won’t work after installing SP1 on my laptop. It also disabled my data card. WTF?!
    I’ve not had problems with Vista up till now, but thoroughly regret installing SP1.

  15. OK, SP1 crashed my laptop, who will fix it now? Microsoft should be on the hook for this mess. I didn’t have any problems with my laptop until I downloaded this crap. Anyone have any luck/ideas/sources?

  16. I succeeded to install SP 1 the 2nd time, the 1st time crashed in one of the restarts (3rd restart if I remember correctly) I installed it afterwards on a fresh copy of vista ( reinstalled in the same Driver since VISTA is only good at recovering the older files from the prev installation by moving the prev one to another folder, they took the idea from Mac OS X)
    if any1 got stuck with SP1 try the installer on a fresh copy even before installing any drivers\
    good luck

  17. Oh boy… I got a bubble from windows update there is an update available, it was Vista SP1, was like sure why not, now computer wont even boot from recovery DVD… WTF!!!!!

  18. HELP! All my laptop does is say DO NOT TURN OFF COMPUTER. REVERTING. Then after a while it shuts down and reboots to the same thing. If I am able to access email or internet, it will shut down soon without warning and go back to the Reverting Changes screen. What do I do? I have Dell laptop. It’s useless!

  19. I agree with you! Vista is just a terrible thing and they should pay us for using it. In a regular market/competition situation Microsoft would be out of business with such a bad product.
    My advice: turn off automatic upgrade! don’t upgrade to SP1 and wait …

  20. Well you can add me to the lis of sp1 haterst. I have a dell inspiron laptop and on monday I noticed that sp1 failed to install 13 times. I should have left it alone. But thinking it was important, I contacted Microsoft. They tried to install it for me from the standalone remotely. They could not. They then called me the next night and said I should do a factory restore. Then we tried to install again. It did not work. Then the next night the microsoft tech called me again and he had a Dell tech on a conference call. The dell guy said run diagnostics to check the hardware. It found nothing wrong. Then the two techs got in an argument on the phone and the dell tech hung up. The microsoft tech told me I should call dell myself and try to get them to say that I should do a complete reinstall, cause If I do it without their approval It could void my warranty. So I called Dell. after a half hour on hold I got a tech. then he tried to fix it remotley and of course tried all the same things microsoft already tried. It did not work and they told me to reinstall my OS. They were going to call me back in 90 minutes to help with with installing the drivers but they never called. So I figured it out all on my own. Thank you Dell (not). Microsoft called me again though at 12:30 they have been really great. Call them if you need support. Got my laptop working now great and as far as I can tell. You do not need SP1. And I am staying away from it. PS I will never buy another DELL

  21. OK, Update! Microsoft called and they really wanted me to try to install the sp1 again. So I said ok and ran update again. It found the sp1 and this time it installed without a hitch. Microsoft called me after 2 hours to check on it and was so pleased to hear it. But they say in the future to call with any problems and use my same case number for tech support. By the way all this support was free. Dell wanted to charge me. It was alot of work and of course I did not have much data to back up before the resinstall. But it worked out. Thanks Microsoft (yes). There may be alot of problems with the vista for some people, me included, but they did not build all the computers, and can not be responsible for all the other software dirvers or websites you have visited that could interfere with a clean install,. So if you are having a problem like I did, give microsoft a chance to help you, they are willing and able.

  22. Tried to install SP1 and it has broken my Dell Inspiron. Need some advice on how to fix this. All i get is a message saying that DO NOT TURN OFF COMPUTER. REVERTING. It has restarted about 20 times and is still not working. this is the second time i may have to rebuild this Dell laptop – i am really fed up now and would never recommend Dell to anyone. late, delivery, poor software handling – grrr

    Anyone got any advice?

  23. Laura, I reinstalled my operating system and since then the sp1 installed fine and my laptop is working great. Using it right now. But the hardware was all fine. If you tried reinstalling the OS and it did not help I would think you have a hardware problem and you need to get on Dell if it is under warranty. If not it is not, I am sorry for you. Good luck.

  24. OK an update:

    Glad to hear, that vista SP1 actually can be installed if you back up everything, then delete everything, then reinstall Vista, then upgrade, and, then, never update your drivers and leave whatever component that may still not be working because of lack of proper drivers idle. Such a nice, user-friendly and satisfying solution. Way to go Microsoft.

    I chose another solution though. And I’m happy with it: As I got back from Vienna, I restored my vista system, backed up everything, removed Vista, installed Linux. I used to be rather into using Microsofts products, but I must admit: Linux works like a charm. Have not had any problems yet. At all.

    Still haven’t convinced my boss to switch entirely, but seeing how well things were going, he’s agreed to roll back to XP and allow the use Linux instead if desired.

    Didn’t run for predident though, but I’m relying on Obama. Srsly.

  25. Just wanted to comment…so many people who don’t know how to OBVIOUSLY install, use and maintain their PCs. Degrees don’t automatically make you a genius in everything. I have never had a problem with Vista, Service Pack 1 or any of the other “apparent” problems some are having.

    I have 2 Vista machines and both have svcpk 1. One machine I use for gaming and video editing, the other for Bluray and HDdvd playback (as well as home photos and home videos – nothing beats HD home videos).

    Linux and whatever else? Sorry, I had enough cobbling of my system when I was 16. 20 years later I’m looking forward to developed and professional products, not some pretentious “open source” or iAMCOOL product.

    I wonder if these are valid complaints or some liberal type media agenda to convince random variable X that Vista does indeed crash as often as some of these intellectuals claim.

  26. Vista is seriously BS. i cannot even install the sp1. it “fails to install” each freaking time. I NEED IT TO PLAY GTA4!!!!uggghhh and similarly to Mry dell wanted to charge me 130 bucks to fix it!!!! AVOID DELL AT ALL COSTS.. the warranty doesn’t mean shit!

  27. Piece of shit. I’ve been struggling with MS for years…since the DOS days. You’d think they’ed fix the problems before releasing this gunk to the consumer. My Vista was flawless..till SP1. Now I have no computer. Can’t even format the hard drive. It just keeps puking at anything I try. I’m going to check out a MacBook.

    Sincerely, Another “Satisfied” Customer

  28. I work on Computers and had one finished to return to customer and decided to do windows Up-dates before I returned it to the customer and Service Pack 1 CRASHED it. Now I am having to to do a Recovery back to Factory Settings. Service pack 1 is Called THE NIGHTMARE FROM HELL. Thanks Microsoft for Wring such a BAD UP-DATE

  29. Okay, I was doing my updates for Windows and this is a used computer. However, I had not had problems at all until SP1. I completely crashed this HP. I had to go through and do a factory restore as I hadn’t even had time to do a recovery disc. SP1 is crazy!! I’m so not sure what I should do. I wanted to download it because I thought it would help some of the kinks in Vista. But, it has only made it worse. NOW, I hear there is SP2. Perish the thought! I don’t think either are really needed are they??

  30. I am an IT professional. I have been working with Microsoft products since the DOS days. Recently I installed Ubuntu Linux on one of my test computers. I’m not saying that Linux is the answer, but if you are really into computers and would like to contribute to a good cause, Linux is definitively the way to go. By the way, Ubuntu Linux is free and you can create a boot CD so you can still go online when your Windows product fails again.

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