It’s Not Cheating, AU$75 Office, returning Oct 15

It’s not cheating

The dodgy-looking cheap Microsoft Office offer for students to combat piracy that has set the model for the rest of the world is returning to Australia on October 15. Australian university students will again be able to purchase a copy of Office Ultimate for $75 (same as last time) at the website from Monday. Students who already purchased a copy through last year’s program will not be able to purchase an additional copy (no step 4. profit!).

A lot of students last year complained about the large download – at around 500MB, so this year they’ve added the ability to order a CD copy if you require and at a price I assume. From what I have been told, one of the reasons Microsoft has been able to offer this at such a low price is by avoiding media duplication and transport costs, thus I assume this CD won’t come cheap.

I also asked about whether or not Office for Mac will also be included in the offer, but unfortunately it won’t be. The reason is due to technical limitations with the Mac version of Office and the trial conversion feature which this offer relies on.

The Australian offer will run until May 2008, so don’t miss out, again.

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  1. Sweet, I was waiting for this. Tried to get in last time but apparently I left it too late – every time I tried to complete the order the page just timed out. I had hours left before the offer closed so I’m guessing their servers were getting hammered.

  2. The Computer Science Student’s society at Melbourne Uni (MUCSA) was handing out free discs in a cardboard sleeve with the ‘it’s not cheating’ branding on it. You had to install it, then go to the website to pay for it. That might save you a few bucks/days on the postage. Also, MUCSA had a deal which allows it to sell dirt cheap (seriously, you could buy a sack of dirt for more) copies of XP and Vista to IT students. You might want to check if your uni will be offering that too.

  3. LOL… In Malta we had an offer form microsoft that office 2007 and Widows Vista Ultimate which togheter make up about LM450 For only LM 48!!!!
    YESS ITS TRUE AND NOT FOR UNIVERSITY ONLY BUT TO ALL CHILDREN FROM 3 to 30!!!! And you can order more than one!! LUcky!

  4. A friend showed me his Office 2007 Ultimate package and media and I was very surprised it came on DVD. Who would have thought back in 1994 when Office 4.2 came out that nearly 15 years later, Office would be shipped on DVDs? They might as well give it a kernel and turn it into an OS with the next release, LOL!

  5. “They should include other countries in this offer.”

    They are. After the success of the first run It’s Not Cheating, Microsoft is starting it up in the US (where it’s called something like “The Ultimate Steal”), the UK and a few other countries.

  6. As Claudio Cilia said here in Malta we had a similar offer for a bundle of Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 for only Lm48 (USD157 or AU$175) which was available to all Maltese student. Furthermore around four years ago we had another offer (this time utterly unbelievable) which was a bundle of Windows XP Pro. Ms .Net and Office 2003 Pro for just LM 10 (USD 32 or AU$ 37)! What’s more is that both these offers were highly publicized and thus almost every eligible student received them.

  7. Hi, I was wondering if there is any way I can purchase the Office 2007 pack for $75.. I notice that our TAFE is not on tht list. Is there anyway I can purchase this item. I am a lecturer at the Karratha Campus of Pilbara TAFE.

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