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  1. I’ve been using DreamScene since it was released in “final” form.
    This wallpaper looks a little bit too dull.
    And yes, I agree the aurora screensaver is really grim.

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  3. are you joking? I only see a completely black image. Where’s aurora? PLEASE GIVE ME AN ANSWER!

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  5. I think in my opinion, its not much of an aurora wallpaper image to me. I sure do know how aurora should look like. But not this. I those commented on this post. Think of something else otherwise.

    Something like a river scenic with an evening blue sky nights streaming along of auroras. What do you think of that?

  6. i think da pic was utterly unfathomable, as if i have seen better aurora pics in other sites. But anyway its nice seeing sum1 who appreciates true art. Hey, i mean it. I’m a pessisimist.

  7. This is cool: open CMD in Windows Vista (in the startmenu, type: cmd) and type “start winsat aurora”
    your aero will go off, and you get something nice… press ESC to close… aero will go back on…

  8. Hi, I’d like to use this picture as a background in a text video. Do you know who holds the copyright to the picture, or where I could ask permission? I tried to google the picture but the only place it comes up is this blog.

  9. when you are assigning this as wallpaper the POSITION has to be set to CENTER or else the image will appear black.

  10. People………….. This background is wonderful. Too Dark! Are you serious….? You mean you don’t have the ability to take it into Photoshop and lighten it up, change the color, or just play with the design? Really people…. this design is very nice. Great job.

  11. This is a great background. Nice to finally have a decent dark background. I even made it darker in the lower right in photoshop lol. A bigger size like 1680×1050 would be nice but stretch doesn’t rape it too bad.

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