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Zune JourneyTogether with the new TV advertisements for the 2nd-generation Zune launched weeks ago, they also launched a promotional flash website at which can be simply described as psychedelic and trippy.

You might notice whilst you pointlessly scroll through space, music begins to play in the background, some of which are quite good. Of course, this was a Flash website so the music must have come from somewhere accessible by the browser so it wouldn’t be hard to trace.

After unearthing the configuration XML file, the URLs to each of the MP3s were easily found. Here they are. My favorite is track 11, Dark Territory by Junky XL. Track 13, Lake Michigan is used in the “bunny” TV ad.

1. Don’t Let go
All Good Things
Pacha Massive
2. Your Rocky Spine
Great Lake Swimmers
3. El Microphono
Mexican Institute of Sound
4. Will you return
The Avett Brothers
5. Cannot Get Started
Plague Park
Handsome Furs
6. Um Segundo
Bebel Gilberto
7. I Remember
Luckiest Girl
8. Paloma
The Buena Vibra Sound System
9. I Sugar Assault Me Now
The Return to Form Black Magick Party
Pop Levi
10. Ave Cruz
11. Dark Territory
Junky XL – Music from SSX Blur
Junky XL
12. Plasticities
Armchair Apocryha
Andrew Bird
13. Lake Michigan
Asleep at Heaven’s Gate
Rouge Wave

Theoretically, I don’t want to steal music. I just want to play these tracks more often, without visiting the website. Disclaimer: Long holds no responsibility if and when FBI agents busts through your door warranting for your arrest for downloading music from the Zune website, plus any other illegal activity which you may or may not be conducting at the time.

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  1. I suppose you could always just buy a new Zune if you’re concerned about it since this looks like all the preloaded content that it’s going to come with.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been looking everywhere for the song from the Ballad of Tina Pink commercial, and thanks to you I finally found it. Also, I assume that the first post on this page is a lie right?

  3. there’s a song on the site and in th new commercial… but it’s not on your list 🙁 does anyone know who sings it?

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