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  1. Hmm, maybe some could believe that the new Zune has a touch screen?!

    While I really like the visual style, I think the song isn’t as good as that for the iPod nano ad (that song from Feist).

  2. I kinda like this one its weird and its good to see some new weird commercials that are intriguing, and screw the damn ipod nano little twig, i have people that are friends that refuse to buy it because it feels like its gonna crack in half like a cracker and others that just plain are sick of ipods….. so BACK TO THE ZUNES

  3. I see the criticism of the girl touching the screen, but disagree that it’s meant to confuse. She navigates with the touch pad and then the girl on the screen points her finger, so she touches fingers and is transported inside, to Zuneland or whatever.

  4. Nice ad, visually arresting and gives a nice sense of discovery plus it’s just trippy enough to enjoy watching more than once. Favorite part? The pink cotton candy creatures. Song is catchy in that very subtle way, wonder if they’ll do different takes on that theme for different demographic markets. Good pick with the red, it has a bit more sex appeal than any of the iPods, no wonder they picked a female for the spot since it’s almost a lipstick red.

    That being said the iPod silhouettes are simple enough that you can recycle the theme over and over again like Apple has done for years, very similar to the Gap and MasterCard ads. That helps build brand recognition but of course they also run the risk of going stale which the silhouettes sorta have, hence why the latest crop of iPod ads are different.

  5. TJ, your description of the commercial is the exact opposite of what it is. But you do seem lost.

  6. @Brandon Clinger: Most people believe the new software and firmware will be out the same day as the new hardware, which most agree is going to be November 13th, 2007. Could be earlier of course but that’s the general vibe.

  7. Beautiful ad. The rabbits remind me of the Sony Bravia advert. I agree with everything Shawn said.

    And I’m ditching my Pod for a Zune. Slick interface, longer battery life, and finally I’ll get to ditch the number one product of mass appeal.

    iPod has lost it’s touch – purely from a marketing sense. They have done well to hold on this long and while the silhouettes are now a cult icon, its just getting too boring for me. While I’m not saying it won’t continue to sell strongly, I expect Microsoft to slowly claw their way back into the game just as they did with in the gaming market.

    And then just wait for Sony – and it’s all on.

  8. i love this ad. it’s dreamy, it’s trippy. it’s kind of an escape. i watched this thing like 6 times already. decent song too. fits the scene really well.

    i do agree with the touch thingee, where her touching the screen will make people think it does touch.

  9. All Zune commercials suck. They’re either outright twisted and confusing or try too hard to be cool.

  10. @RC: It tries to be hip but the transition from one scene to another by touching. Yawn. Are you from the ad agency trying to chide a real consumer for not understanding the ad? Next please.

  11. I explored the difficulties MS will have with its ongoing Zune strategy (with links, videos and background) at:

    In the shadow of the iPod: Microsoft Zuning out of the Social

    “…Zune has no compelling advantage over the iPod, other than being not-the-iPod. With the possible exception of Sony (that apparently cannot write software if its life depended on it), there’s really no other company better positioned to challenge Apple’s digital music hegemony than Microsoft. But is Microsoft being delusional here or is Zune 2 just a bridge to Zune 3 that’ll crush the iPod?”

    “So what does Microsoft do for Zune 2? Double the ad budget ($17 million for the next six months), change the ad agency (McCann-Erickson’s new T.A.G. unit in San Francisco) and drop the “Welcome to the Social” strategy.”

  12. I think the ad is cute and nice, but I would have fired my ad agency if they came to me with that girl touching the screen. Not only that, but the tired ocean and jellyfish imagery falls short. I also couldn’t tell if this ad was originally called “Welcome to the Social” and then changed to “Ballad of Tina Pink” when they nixed the “social” part. Does anybody know? The Academy of Dreams ad is much better. My favorite part is that they used voxels. I’ve linked to a post I wrote about it above if anybody is interested.

  13. I went to see ‘Enchanted’ with my wife and they played this ad before the previews, afterwards I heard a few people say, “Huh, that was cool”. I was impressed that they’ve expanded their marketing.

  14. Zune is a fucking RIP OFF of apple.

    only been out a year and copying another companies idea of touch screen?


    and how the fuck is ZUNE THE IPOD KILLER?!?!

    for a year they only had 30 gigs not only at 80

    know what what ipods are at?

    120 bitch.

  15. Damn, now why didn’t they use the troll “Gr” in those Apple vs. PC ads, he’d be *perfect*. I mean nothing says “it just works” like an 8 year old discovering the caps lock and how to swear.

  16. It’s supposed to be dreamy, confusing, trippy, and crazy. Zunes are the artistic opposite of iPods.

    I love this commercial. It kind of takes me back to when I was a little girl- it makes me want to spin and make headbands out of clovers.

    But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you like this, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t.

    Peace, please.

  17. @ Gr: It appears to me that a child has forgotten how to research and only tried to assume the Zune has a touch screen. I also have found out that you learned how to swear. You know what’s pathetic. You! Just like Shawn Oster said you’ll be perfect for those Apple v.s. PC ads.
    Anyways the commercial is nice and the music suits it even though I was lost when she dived in the water.

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