“Citron” colored 4/8GB Zune discovered

The Zune software hasn’t been released for very long but I’ve already thrown my usual arsenal of weapons at it in the hope something undisclosed in the source will waive the white flag. Fortunately, I won’t go to sleep empty handed as I’ve discovered a new device color for the Scorpius 4GB/8GB Zune that is not yet available for sale or mentioned anywhere in the marketing materials.

The fifth color is called “Citron” and can be simply described as citrus yellow. When this color will be available, it will bring the total choice of colors to five – pink, red, black, green and yellow. Unlike the other colors however, the squircle touch-pad is filled black instead of the same color.

Zune Citron color

Because all the appropriate resource files for this color model are already embedded in the Zune software, the most obvious explanation is that Microsoft is holding back this model for the holiday season as a surprise. In which case, this post does not exist.

Update: According to the knowledgeable Paul Thurrott, he says the yellow Zune is a commemorative gift only for the Zune team itself and ship with an extra load of memory 16GB in total. In which case, I’d still reckon it’ll sell pretty well if it was ever released.

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  1. Congrats Long on getting on the front page of engadget.

    With your posting on channel9 and your awesome site here…I’m really impressed.

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Maybe the squircle isn’t colored yellow because it’s more of a one-off that the others? Seems like it would be significantly easier just to paint the face plate than to also paint the zunepad.

  3. Oddly enough, checking out the site Scorpius site from this article, it says:

    “Your songs, your color. Choose from among five device colors: pink, red, black or green.”

    That’s only four colours listed.

  4. Very cool. Looks like I’ll be hollding off on getting an 8GB zune til this new color launches. School colored Zune as a graduation present…..very cool….

  5. Paul, Paula, while your post here and on your site seems dead serious, it’s no wonder since it’s “citron” we’re talking about here. What was that? ‘lemon face?’ Uh…

  6. i know it must be crazy complicated but is there any way to make the citron zune picture come up when you sync your zune. i think it would be awesome if i could do it.

  7. I love my new zune but hate that there are no accessories, like arm bands, cases, clips. When will those be available?

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