New red 4/8GB Zune with black touchpad embedded in Zune software update

Several hours ago Microsoft released the Zune Spring 2008 Update with a new Zune software package (version 2.5). Embedded in the resource files is an interesting image of a new red “Scorpius” (4/8GB) Zune. Instead of the model available today with a silver backing and red touchpad, this had a black backing and black touchpad.

(Left) New red Zune with black backing and touchpad. (Right) Existing red Zune with silver backing and red touchpad.

The last time a “Scorpius” Zune with a black touchpad was discovered, it turned out to be a commemorative 16GB edition exclusive to the Zune staff. I would assume a commemoration only happens once, so could this be a new 16GB Zune for everyone else?

For any skeptics out there, the two images have notably different positioned logos which confirms these are not the same images colored differently.

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  1. Yeah, great find! Unfortunately I’m disappointed because it doesn’t look all that great in my opinion.

  2. Nice find. 16GB would be great. Now if they could flash that update into my 8GB, it’d be even better. 🙂

  3. I want to buy a Zune, but I’m waiting for the 4GB to drop to $100. I hope it will when either the 3rd gen of Zune comes along or when the capacities are bumped.

    anyone looking to sell a second-hand Zune 4 GB for <$100, I’m up for buying/ if you know where to find refurbished zunes lemme know

    finally, one feature i miss in the zune (among others e.g. wifi internet access) is micro/SD card expandability. Many of Creative & Sandisk’s players support this awesomeness.

    does anyone know if the iRiver Clix is good? any cheap(er) / refurb sellers?

  4. @_||_:
    The iRiver Clix is awesome! If you have the money for it, and just want a straight up media player, none of that fancy shmancy wifi and internet stuff, the clix is the best player out there!

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