Live Mesh “Synchronizing your life” (video)

If by now you still don’t understand what Microsoft’s Live Mesh is, then let this short 60-seconds promotional video originally featured at the Web 2.0 Expo explain it to you in ultra-slow-motion.

While you’re at it, see if you can spot and name all the third party products and brands. All I can say there’s a-plenty. Bonus points for identifying the model of the car. Special thanks to “Avatar X.” for uploading the original high-quality video.

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  1. Well, I watched it a while ago, and I remember a MacBook Pro (I think…?) in it.

  2. Also should add, I liked it. Nice how they got the concept of everyone sharing the photo in almost an instant.

  3. Ok, um. Samsung smartphone (model?), er… some type of digital photoframe…
    Ok, then a Samsung monitor (school has that one) with one of those (RED) wallpapers and clock, etc.
    Macbook Air
    Erm… GPS thingy…
    HTC Touch Duo!!! — Friend has!
    Xbox 360 (Halo 3 Edition) — Me has!

    Yeah… Something like that.

  4. Oh right. It’s a Zune 80 too (which I’ve got too, yay for eBay). Sorry about the quadruple post… but yeah.

  5. Fifth post now. Is it… ah… Samsung Blackjack? Is that right. Sounds like a smartphone name…
    Oh I dunno.

  6. So sorry about this… But…
    I don’t suppose it’d be some kind of Ford? You know, Ford+Microsoft?

  7. Nah Long. Look at the side edge of the keyboard (facing the camera). On the 7000 it is silver (or glass anyway), here it is black. And here it looks like it has one of those detachable wrist-rests. I wouldn’t have a clue what it is though. Maybe you’re right.

  8. What are they playing at? hehe.

    They featured an Apple product (not running Windows) for longer than any of theirs. I suppose it gets the point across but how desperate are they?

  9. Phone: Samsung SGH – i616 Jack OR Samsung Blackjack
    Monitor: Samsung Monitor with (red) wallpaper.
    Keyboard: Could be what Long said “Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000:” or Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
    Laptop: Macbook Air
    MP3 Player: 2 Zunes
    GPS: Some HP gps
    2nd Phone: HTC Touch Duo
    Game Console: Limited Edition Halo 3 Xbox 360
    Car: Most Likely Ford (despite the fact that you can barely see the car)

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  11. Hey, ist that Windows Mobile 7? It looks like the prototype pictures wich released a few months ago.
    To Live Mesh: A great thing. I cant wait to get it šŸ™‚

  12. @Liam: Its syncing over Live Mesh and Live Mesh is on Mac available (soon) . So you can copy your music files to Live MEsh (from a Mac) and sync the files with the zune over it: Mac > Live Mesh > Zune

  13. There have been “extensive lack” of examples explaining potential uses of Live Mesh. I know Mesh is gonna be a great product. But, something has always been wrong with Microsoft and this time they are wrong again: there’s not enough communication to convey the potentials of the product.

    People are confused by what it is and how to use it and they simply don’t use it. Microsoft needs to change their corporate culture or needs to practice two different cultures regarding the communication with the users outside.

  14. hey!

    sorry, but a zune cannot be synced with a mac, because the zune SW ist only available on windows – and the zune is not capable to connect with different WLAN’s, because you need the zune SW to configure the wireless network.

    so I think that MS is planing to bring the zune SW to the mac.

  15. Look closer. The Mac is not running iTunes. That’s just the Finder. The guy just got the picture of his kid jumping in the pool synced to him and he’s responding with an IM message or something (or maybe a note in the Live Mesh News feed). The Zune sync is probably a separate sync event to set up the next show syncing his music with the car.

  16. the point is that the zune cannot be synced without the software… there isn’t any possibility to sync the zune with another plattform than windows or any other SW than the original zune software.
    maybe there are wirelessnetworks around but the zune isn’t capable to connect to them

  17. @marijan
    This video is all about what might be possible in the future with Live Mesh, not what is possible now with today’s software.

  18. now I get it šŸ˜‰ maybe that MS is updating the firmware of the zune, so that it can register the meshsoftware as a synctool and connects with it. would be nice šŸ™‚

  19. Again, there’s no evidience in that video that the Zune is supposed to be talking to the Mac. What he’s doing on the Mac is unrelated (though it’s possible that the Zune is syncing the picture from the Mesh via whatever mechanism it is using). I think it’s more likely they were trying to show that future Zunes will be able to connect to WiFi networks, and therefore the Mesh, and not just to other Zunes.

    But if he did have the Zune connected to the Mac, maybe he uses the Zune software via Parallels. I hear that’s possible now.

  20. I think the car’s a Volvo based on the interior+location of the LCD screen, maybe preproduction, since AFAIK, no Volvo’s have Sync yet, and the only other American Ford convertible I can think of is the Mustang, whose interior looks nothing like this.

    In any case, Live Mesh looks excellent, this really should be an ad on TV when it’s ready for the masses. Much better than the vague Windows Vista “WOW” ad’s. This one falls in line with the advertising for Windows XP with Madonna’s Ray of Light. Both those ad’s and this one do two things that the Vista ad’s didn’t do-Get you genuinely excited about the product (upbeat music), and actually show what significant new things the product brings to the table.

  21. Avatar X would do. the “one” is an addendum since i stupidly lost my original youtube accounts from back when it launched.

    Glad you liked it.

    I did took it from the Web 2.0 Expo keynote video, cutted it, converted and uploaded it to youtube. so this is “the cut”, there is no stand alone cut of it but this one.

  22. imagine the possibilities: Zune + Sync + iTunes + WMP + GPS + iPhone + Kindle + Eee + TV + Xbox 360 + …..

    that’s what Live Mesh should do in the future

    (but don’t rely on it, Longhorn should serve as a warning)

  23. Longhorn? How about most Microsoft products… Silverlight, Internet Explorer, Messenger… the list is endless. Microsoft has a bad habit of announcing products only to dramatically change the how it will work or abandoning a platform altogether.

  24. Since you asked for what is being used in the video:

    Mom Phone:

    Samsung i780 Smartphone with WM 6.1 Pro.

    Wireless Picture Frame:

    Samsung SPF-72V 7-Inch Wireless Digital Photo Frame pulling from the PC that received the pictures

    PC Monitor showing Vista premium with a (RED) wallpaper

    Samsung 21″ Widescreen


    Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 7000

    Dad Mac:

    Mac book Air


    Black Zune 80

    Daughter Phone:

    HTC Touch Duo


    Xbox 360 Halo Edition using Halo 3 File Share

  25. The Macbook Air already has enough marketing from Apple; Microsoft doesn’t need to add, even this much.

  26. Showing the Mac Air is a great idea illustrating that Mesh is agnostic. The important thing about Mesh isn’t about the OS, it’s the interactivity, whether that be a smartphone, a different OS, car or picture frame. In that light I’m surprised they didn’t show someone on a PS3 getting the picture.

    The Zune + Mac is interesting because no matter how you slice it there is a new concept in there. Either it’s a Mac-based Zune client, an iTunes plug-in, a stand-alone Mac wireless sync client or it’s actually connecting wirelessly to the airport’s public WiFi and hitting the Mesh cloud. All conceptual but it shows at least someone over there is thinking about these things. The only other option, which would be the least exciting, is that the woman he just had an affair with is standing over by the bar and ‘squirted’ him a track to remind him of their torried affair. See, that option is much less exciting.

    The only thing I felt was off was the XBox segment. I would much rather have seen a notification popup about a new picture available, or even something that links with Live Calendar, “Dad home at 8:30, Clean room” or even what you can already do today which would be an IM recieved via the messenger integration. I didn’t see how the 360 had anything to do with Mesh so either they edited it at the last second not to leak a coming feature, or they knew they wanted it to connect somehow but couldn’t figure out a good story or it was just product placement.

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  28. Love the ad, love the music. Does anyone know what the music is playing in the background?

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