Microsoft’s “It’s not cheating” Facebook competition ends today. XBOX 360 up for grabs. Needs more members.

It's not cheating Facebook competitionIn a couple of hours, the four-month long “It’s not cheating” Facebook competition hosted by Microsoft is going to end and it’s going to be a close call.

Some of you might remember me promoting the group all the back in December where I promised to give away the prizes to whomever joined the Facebook group.

I’ve kept my promise and has already given away a Smartphone to a lucky member in the first round, but we’re a few members short to win the final round with the prize of an XBOX 360 bundle with 3 games. I’m not too sure if GTA IV is one of them, but at least you could score a free console to play it on.

At the time of writing, there’s another group who’s in the lead with 669 members, compared to 627 members in the istartedsomething group. That group promises to give the XBOX360 away to charity for fund raising which is a notable cause so I won’t discredit them, but I think it’ll be a shame for everyone to have so far and lose in the last mile.

I know it’s always hard to ask people to invite others into a competition which in fact reduces the chance for themselves but some is still better than none. As a matter of fact, one in seven hundred chance of winning an XBOX 360 is still pretty decent for clicking a link.

If you know someone who’s not already in the “It’s not cheating” Facebook group, get them to sign up and one of you could very well be playing on a new XBOX 360 and perhaps GTA IV in a matter of days.

Update: With about an hour to go, the other group is till in the lead with ~80 people.
Update2: It’s over. The other group has won.

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  1. Hey Long,

    I have joined the groupe for a while.. and I just sent a message to all my friends on facebook (132 friends).
    I hope that most of them will join it

    Thank you for everything you do for us !


  2. Ew… a social network.

    Long, why do you use Facebook (genuine curiousity here, I still don’t “get” the social network thing).

  3. @Yert: I use it to keep track of people I know – what their current job is, what’s their emails, their birthdates. Although I’ve also used it on several occasions to find people who I’ve either lost contact with or want to get in contact with.

  4. Hmmmmmm

    the charity getting the xbox would be better……………..

    if u win could u give it to them?

  5. @Tom: Well I think a lot of people wouldn’t mind an XBOX 360. If this group wins, and a winner is picked, they can very well donate it to charity as well. I’ll leave that choice up to the individual.

  6. well atleast we tried long, hopefully there’ll be more of these

    i did force about 20 people to join yesterday, but the other cause must have seemed stronger to other folks. i can see how fast their members went up.

    now if only we’d created 100 fake accounts :->

  7. and again… my message got delete… well Long, given your Chinese heritage I would have expected a little bit less censorship … but then again, I assume this message will be deleted before too long as well. I guess some people never learn.

  8. @kevin turner: Imitating a Microsoft executive, hiding under a fake email address and posting silly comments is not welcomed.

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